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Jan 4, 2019

So as you know, on December 21 2023, the EggWars update has released. Reviews on the update are mostly positive, however, with a few adjustments, the update will be perfect. I'll be going over my thoughts on the update and what I think needs to be changed to improve the game.

Pickaxe Changes (General):

For Normal mode, the game has been sped up by reducing the price of blocks, wooden sword and leather armor.

However, why is the Netherite Pickaxe more expensive than efficiency 3 diamond pickaxe? Sure, it's as strong as an iron sword, but it breaks Ancient Debris slower! Buff it by adding efficiency 2 or 3 to it.

One of the elements that is missing from OG EggWars is diamond pickaxes that cost gold for both Normal and OP.

Proposed change: Change regular diamond pickaxe (efficiency 2 in OP) from diamonds to gold. Make them cost 10 gold

Reason for the change: Right now, a diamond pickaxe costs diamonds, while ancient debris on the other hand costs gold! Due to this unbalance, players are forced to go to mid to get diamonds just to buy a pickaxe that is fast enough to mine ancient debris.

Armor Changes (OP Mode):

As for OP mode, the game mode has improved too but it has more issues (in my opinion) than normal mode. The update was advertised as "more like OG EggWars". Sure, fights do feel similar in length but not completely. The element of breaking armor of players is gone.

How do we fix that? Simple, armor needs to be rebalanced.

The way armor tiers work is the same as in season 2: Iron > Diamond > Netherite.

In my opinion, the armor durability for all armor sets is way too high for how much the armor costs

Proposed change: Leather armor (4 iron) > Chain armor (40 gold) > Iron Armor (32 diamonds) > Diamond armor (128 diamonds)

Reason for the change: Leather armor is meant to be the the lowest armor tier you can get. It shouldn't last the entire game unless you don't take too many hits. By bringing back leather armor, the element of breaking people's armor also returns. I added chain armor as it makes sense for it to be a mid game armor set. Iron armor should be changed to diamonds because its strong and should be a late game armor.

Edit: There is a community talk about leather armor created 5 days after this suggestion was made

Netherite armor should be removed due to it being too OP, has way too much durability, same strength as diamond armor, and the bonus of reduced knockback when full set is equipped. Diamond armor is meant to be end game armor due to it having high durability.

Side note: Protection 3 is good enough for armor, I don't think it should be increased to protection 4 but I'll leave that for others to decide.

Bows (OP mode):

While power bows are back, regular bows became useless in OP mode.

Proposed change: Power 1 bow should cost 8 diamonds and add power 3 bow for 16 diamonds

Edit: It was confirmed that Power 3 bow is returning in OP

Shop Item Rearrangements (General):

The final proposed change for this update is, please rearrange items based on price. Pickaxes and swords are affected by this issue, why is a sharp 5 diamond sword above sharp 2 netherite sword? Why is a netherite pickaxe below efficiency 5 diamond pickaxe? It made no sense to me.

Do you agree with some or all of the suggestions? Let me know your thoughts of the update in the replies

Edit 1: Organized my feedback based on sections

Edit 2: Made it clear on how much should a regular diamond pickaxe cost, added more edits to confirm my suggestions were being discussed or added

Edit 3: Added chain armor into the armor balancing
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Jun 17, 2020
United States
I agree with the pickaxe changes. In overpower mode, it's kind of weird. And the way the shop can be all mixed around with prices sometimes confuses me as well. I can agree with these.
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Jul 23, 2023
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I think that if the diamond pickaxe that costs gold returns, it should be slightly more expensive in gold tokens, maybe 15 or 20
It would be good for the first-tier diamond pickaxe to cost gold instead of diamonds. That way if a team is taking over the center and your team cannot get diamonds, you would still have a chance to break their egg.
However, a cheaper diamond pickaxe that costs gold would make it too easy for someone to destroy an egg, especially with the existence of more protective armor (in Overpowered)
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Oct 16, 2023
Costa Rica, Heredia
Some of the things I'd like to bring here is that another topic related to the Pickaxe changes:

Avoid Pickaxe Decrease through Esmeralds​

With the recent changes that pickaxe decrease it's material each death, it's kind of weird and maybe I understand that this is a way to keep align the rushers in the game. But I was thinking about an alternative for this

Proposed change: Basically, that the villager in the Mid, can offer you with a specific quantity of esmeralds, you can avoid the pickaxe to be decreased each death, so in this escenario, rushers will need at least to improve some generators to get this skill/upgrade

Reason for the change: It's sometimes unuseful dedicating time of buying a good pickaxe because if you die, it'll be gone, even more for Diamond pickaxe, you're even allowed to break obsidian of another team, but if you die one more time, then you'll not be able to break it. So it'll become so stress full.
Feb 2, 2024
Cambiar los picos me hace sentir muy mal, porque, desde mi punto de vista, no es justo que cultives cierta cantidad de diamantes para comprar el mejor pico para que al morir se degrade a diamante y sustantivamente. Una forma de arreglar eso sería un tiempo de recarga cuando mueras para que no puedas usarlo para que no se degrade porque si es muy molesto volver a cultivar diamantes y diamantes para cuando protejan su huevo con suficiente obsidiana y antigua. No será molesto para otros jugadores ni será estresante al jugar. Es solo una idea y mi punto de vista.
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