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Nov 11, 2019
Hello Java & Bedrock CubeCrafters!

It's time for an EggWars Update! - We've been working hard behind the scenes making an awesome EggWars update. This update is for Java & Bedrock! As some of you know, in March this year we released EggWars Beta. The game added a lot of new content that we wanted to experiment with. We took your feedback and balanced and tweaked the content to be more suitable to everyone. So now we're proud to announce that EggWars Beta is being merged in Normal EggWars (Team & Solo - Java & Bedrock)! - Read below to learn more about the update 🎉

In celebration of this awesome EggWars Update, we've activated a x2 Points multiplier on EggWars! - Enjoy :p
Please read this thread beforehand. EggWars has received a lot of changes since the update so the features on the server may not align with the contents of this thread.

🛒 Emerald shop and generators!

Emerald generators are now on all maps! But these generators are completely different to the other ones, because you cannot upgrade them! Emerald generators always start on level 1 and every 10 minutes, they will automatically level up, capping at level 3. Depending on the size of the map or the layout of the map, Emerald generators have been balanced across the map, to make obtaining them fair! - Also, Emerald generators are only located at the middle island!

Now, you're probably wondering, "What can I buy with Emeralds?". Within the EggWars villager shop there's now a section for Emeralds, where you can buy an awesome tunnel structure, eggmites, a leap feather & potions! - The pricing of Emeralds have been monitored and tweaked to not allow these items to become a norm within EggWars. - Emeralds have a purpose for late game activity and usage.

Emerald generator.


Emerald shop - Java.


Emerald shop - Bedrock.

🛠 Structures!

One of the biggest pieces of content that EggWars Beta had were structures! After some tweaking and price balancing, we've made them perfect to be added into the main game! - They assist with getting to islands, defending your island and breaking eggs. There are 5 structures in the normal shop: 10 block bridge, ladder, stairs, wall & tower!

Structure items being used.

🗺 New maps!

When EggWars Beta was released, we added a new map into the gamemode. Now we're releasing that map into the new game, and we're added 2 NEW Solo maps! - These are only on Java, for now! :D

Team EggWars - Blossom

'Leaf' your opponents in shock!
Thanks to @_The13thDoctor_ for this awesome map! Check out their map submission

Solo EggWars - Undergrowth

Moss-t of our players will love this map!
Thanks to @_The13thDoctor_ for this great map! Check out their map submission

Solo EggWars - Oasis

Anyone there?

🎉 New achievements, new ability & more!

We've added 10 NEW kit achievements & 4 NEW unique achievements. You'll now need to try and obtain these, how long will it take you?

"Neggative K/D" - Die 15 times in one game (SOLO)
"Eggscuse me, how!?" - Break an egg 60 seconds into the game (SOLO)
"Doing lots of eggsercise" - Run 3500 blocks in a single game (SOLO)
"Fleggsing my new sword" - Kill someone using a diamond sword with sharpness VI (TEAM)


Java Kit achievements.

We've also released a NEW ability called "Theft". It's not longer Beta only, it's in the main game! - This ability will allow you to get 20% of the tokens from the players inventory, upon killing them.

Bug fixes and other additions over the last couple of months from EggWars Beta:
- ADDED: Armour bundles into the Armour shop.
- ADDED: Golden carrots are now in the Food shop & along with Milk.
- ADDED: Weakness arrows are now in the Archery shop.
- ADDED: Eliminated players will now drop 50% of their tokens from their inventory.
- CHANGE: The price of steak in Normal mode has been reduced.
- CHANGE: Tweaked the production rates of Emeralds.
- BUG: Fixed an issue with the Theft ability giving too many tokens.
- BUG: Changed the spawn location of spectators on "Vacation".
- BUG: Changed the starting Iron generators on "Technology" from level 0 to 1 to make all islands equal.
- BUG: Fixed an issue with structure particles staying after dropping the structure item.
- BUG: Filled in a hidden room on "Instruments".
- BUG: Added a ladder in the pre lobby to avoid players getting stuck down the side of the toy train.
- BUG: Changed the Emerald generator on Jungle to start on level 1 rather than level 3.
- BUG: Fixed an issue with half health not working correctly.
- REMOVED: Map specific items have been removed

Thanks for reading this update thread! We hope you enjoy this epic EggWars update. At the end of every game you'll see a voting message, be sure to vote. Have fun and stay safe! ❤


Dec 3, 2016
Antwerp - Belgium
I really don't like the update, eggwars was totally fine until you guys started experimenting.
Lots of people didn't like Beta eggwars from the start and now eggwars will totally die, just like beta did!
Beta eggwars playercount was litteraly 0 after 10PM for 12hours straight, no cluse why cube even tought about moving on with the project

I host eggwars tournaments and they are ruined now since my whole playerbase of 800 players just hate beta eggwars!

Pls listen to the countless threads and profile posts and reverse this!


Aug 27, 2017
I'm genuinely disappointed. No one asked for Beta EggWars. There are a bunch of people already begging to have the old EggWars back, people are creating threads and expressing how they are disappointed with the new update.

I really don't see the logistics of implementing Beta Eggwars because barely anyone liked it in the first place, Beta EggWars was pretty much dead while normal EggWars was played way more. I have a feeling that because of this update EggWars isn't going to be as popular/enjoyable as it used to be.

I understand that the developers worked hard on this update but I just don't see why this was even necessary when the majority of the EggWars players preferred playing normal EggWars.


Aug 5, 2020
Creo que a mi parecer tomaron muy de prisa estas decisiones que a la larga se vera afectado el servidor ya que eggwars es la modalidad con más jugadores dentro del servidor y al realizar este cambio tan tosco que a mi parecer a nadie le agradaba el eggwars beta y porque la necesidad de arruinar el tradicional eggwar ahora simplemente lo veo como un BEDWARS 2.0, espero escuchen las recomendaciones de la mayoría de los usuarios en este servidor.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Team CubeCraft
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Jan 16, 2020
Just no. Why would you change the best gamemode of cubecraft? It was just perfect, I have played one new game of the new eggwars and I was just.. disappointed and sad. After 4 years of playing eggwars this feels like its death. Really guys. I know how much work there is behind this being myself an ex staff member and I know how much effort you put in this but seriously, take eggwars back how it was before. Eggwars was perfect, PERFECT.
Also, instead of updating gamemodes where an update isn't needed I'd focus more on creating new games, there aren't a lot of games for a server well known as cubecraft.
I am truly sorry for saying this because you really don't deserve anything like this but I just couldn't not comment to this one. I hope you'll listen the community like you're doing lately and bring back the old Eggwars. Thank you guys and sorry again.
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