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Feb 9, 2023
Somewhere in Florida
I have fought with Jqmby quite a few times. I've played with Sgribl on SkyWars a few times, I've played with lukewarm tubs and killed him once, I've been in Van's streams, been on a team with related noobs twice. I just don't have any screenshots right now I'm on my phone. Yea I guess I've been places


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Mar 18, 2020
I don't play Cubecraft anymore but the most famous player I've met on Cubecraft is probably RiceFarmer


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May 25, 2022
Hello forums!
Dreamer is here again, this time I want you to share which famous youtubers you have encountered while playing on CubeCraft, and did you manage to kill them maybe???

Encounter #1:
Unfortunately I didn't take screenshots, but I have seen and fought against Wisp several times!
He can be found playing Solo Skywars on java, really cool every time!
People have also found TapL (He plays regularly to warm-up) and TommyInnit (He logged on once while live, even staff started hunting him for a picture and a kill)

Encounter #2:
I was playing some solo survival games in july/2021 and suddenly I discover InTheLittleWood, who is live aswell!
I killed him and apologized because it was a small clean and that is never a nice thing to do.

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Encounter #3:
The most famous of all youtubers ever seen on CubeCraft! He will destroy you by just looking at you, he also mysteriously hosted the Eggwars world-cup 2021 matches! (Look screenshot) No clue how he managed to steal the spot from Dreamer...
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Bonus screenshots:
I have no idea who this guy is, but he wasn't too bad and we ended up winning that game!
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This youtuber was a cube regular, known for being high on the Team-Eggwars leaderboard. He managed to photobomb me in May/2019 while I was chatting with @PerryJ
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I have 1v1ed Sgribl 4 different times. I beat him 3 of the 4.
I also 1v1ed others such as IDKHAN, Rollnix, qBeastyy, WolfishPlot315, VanHoutenMC, FarisQ.
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