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java and bedrock

  1. wolfking253822

    All Networks Java Bedrock im going to just make this clear, netherite and tridents should be removed (they are pointless and annoying)

    Netherite and tridents are not essential and are an unnecessary annoying component that don't even fit with pvp. They are honestly a nuisance more than anything and have no real reason to be added to cubecraft other than they were added just to add something new. Netherite makes pvp more...
  2. Dreamer

    😃-Famous Youtubers on CubeCraft!

    Hello forums! Dreamer is here again, this time I want you to share which famous youtubers you have encountered while playing on CubeCraft, and did you manage to kill them maybe??? Encounter #1: Unfortunately I didn't take screenshots, but I have seen and fought against Wisp several times! He...
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