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Mar 26, 2021
So nighttime has always been a thing and possible on our Bedrock network, extra development time wasn't put in to support it for this map. The reason it's not on all maps is that, unlike Neon, most of them don't have light sources everywhere and it's not lit up, and people on phones outside or anywhere really would find it difficult to see. So that's the reason Night time isn't a general voting option. Neon was created with nighttime in mind. Hope this clears this up! :D
Yes it is clear but what about the other time voting option (sunset)
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i havent been on the cc server in ages and idk if I should ask this in the forums but ill just ask on my page, did they get rid of a lot of games? i got bored and started playing mc again and I vividly rmbr there being a ton of more cubecraft games but now there's only 6, soo like did they get rid of a ton or am I thinking of a different server (also if they did does anyone know why?)
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