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  1. qwesadillaz

    Video Eggwars world record

    Hi guys me and a friend were grinding out duo leaderboards we got 3 records and this is one of them (be sure to check them all out) Eggwars Duos World Record - Dream map - feat. qFloatyy
  2. qwesadillaz

    Video New Eggwars Montage - Road to Leaderboard

    hi... new video, I hope y'all like it. HAGD -Qwesadilla
  3. sQuwy

    Video New yt video check it out

    like and sub
  4. Riscakes

    Video HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN | Minecraft Eggwars #14

  5. CaptainY2A

    Video The Greatest Duel ever?

    Me and my friend KJ decided to go head to head in CubeCraft Duels and it made an awesome video! Here's a trailer to that upcoming video. Make sure to subscribe so that we can release the video as soon as possible.
  6. CaptainY2A

    Video How to hide the SCOREBOARD.

    Most of you might already know this but none the less I made a video about it. This is how you remove the scoreboard on CubeCraft.
  7. sQuwy

    Video First video. Check it out!!

  8. whither_117


    Hola amigos, Quiero invitarlos a darse una vuelta en mi canal de YouTube, estaré subiendo partidas de EGG WARS. Cualquier opinión o critica son bienvenidos. PD si alguien quiere jugar mi Nick es Whither_117
  9. CaptainY2A

    Video CubeCraft is the best featured server! Here's why.(friendly comparison)

    I made a video talking about why CubeCraft is the best featured server! Why do you think?
  10. Riscakes

    Video EGG CONQUEROR | Minecraft Eggwars #13

  11. sQuwy

    Video Youtube rank

    Well how many subs di you need to get the youtube rank
  12. CaptainY2A

    Video I completed all lobby Parkour courses! [Cubecraft]

    So I took up the challenge to complete all Parkour coureses in different CubeCraft game lobbies.
  13. Riscakes

    Video LONGEST MATCH EVER | Minecraft Eggwars #12

  14. M

    Video Anyone Have Video Ideas?

    Hi, I'm a small YouTube creator and I play Bedrock eggwars, Bridge, CTF, SG, Skyblock but only island desert, and i'm looking for a video idea. Does anyone have an interesting video that YOU would want to watch. If you have an idea reply to this thread. YouTube channel link: YouTube Channel
  15. cadbane86140

    Video Minecraft: MinerWare Mini-Game #3!

    Hello There! While we were filming Ender off camera I mentioned Minerware and Fuzz and J were curious what that was and we decided to record it! I forgot how much fun this game was and there will totally be more videos with this mini-game in the future! There are some funny moments in this video...
  16. CaptainY2A

    Video Beating bridges with my FIST

  17. Riscakes

    Video THE FIGHT FOR MID CONTROL | Minecraft Eggwars #11

  18. Riscakes

    Video DEAD MAN'S CHEST | Minecraft BlockWars #4

  19. Riscakes

    Video COLOSSEUM RAMPAGE | Minecraft Eggwars #10

  20. Riscakes

    Video PRETTY RELAXING MATCH | Minecraft Eggwars #9

  21. Riscakes

    Video THE FINAL TIE BREAKER | Minecraft BlockWars #3

  22. idkhan yt

    introduction :D

    HI! im idkhan, or you can call me khan (you can pronounce khan in anyway you want lol) i make mc vids on my channel IDKHAN ive started to make mainly cubecraft vids, primarily skyblock ive been playing cubecraft like everyday possible thanks to sl4tes introducing it to me i want to apply for...
  23. Riscakes

    Video THE BATTLE OF THE CAKE | Minecraft Eggwars #8

  24. DoomRaider38

    Video Should I create a Magic and Mayhem Bedrock quest walkthrough guide?

    Should I create a Magic and Mayhem Bedrock quest walkthrough guide?
  25. oojaystaroo

    new island (you tube island)

    hello CubeCrafters I am looking to start a series on a new SkyBlock island, I'm not sure when this will start just I would like to know if anyone would like to join.... if you are let me know, and I will invite you on the new island when I decide to start it
  26. Enderㅤ

    Video CubeCraft on My Laptop (i'm on holiday)

  27. Riscakes

    Video DEATH FROM ABOVE | Minecraft Eggwars #7

  28. Riscakes

    Video BREAKING THEIR DEFENSES | Minecraft BlockWars #2

  29. sajanator3

    Video cubecraft skywars but really really smooth 👀

    My PC was on the verge of death tryanna record and edit this :) watch this in a new tab and not the one embedded to experience the smoothness :)
  30. RoosterKeel

    Cubecraft’s Hidden Levers

    Hey everyone! I am Keel and I am here to discuss one of the most interesting things I have found while playing Cubecraft! Hidden Levers! From what I have seen, not many have discussed this, but I and my friends are willing to put in the effort to track down every single lever and figure out...
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