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  1. Casualpoalrbear

    What your favorite genre? (Weekly poll 82)

    I'll allow two votes this time because I'm aware that alot of genre kinda go hand to hand (like superhero and action or romance and tradgey)
  2. Casualpoalrbear

    What old game would you like to return as a beta game? (weekly poll 81)

    Hello this one is especially inspired by @Dualninja thread which you can find here where she suggested that the next Beta game could be a returning game as we had both a new game and a famous game added. I want to ask you which returning game would you like to see return the most? And for the...
  3. Casualpoalrbear

    Bedwars (Weekly poll 80)

    This one is going to be a simple one. How do you feel about bedwars being added to cubecraft? Do you think it's a positive thing that It has been added? And why do you have these thoughts? I personally don't really agree. I think it too similar to eggwars but I'm not a eggwars main so I don't...
  4. Casualpoalrbear

    What mythology Is your favorite? (Weekly poll 78)

    My personal favorite is probably Norse despite knowing more about Greek mythology. I just perfer gods like Odin and Thor. Prometheus is a beast tho. Which mythology is your favorite? It could be for any reasons like the gods, hero's and monsters.
  5. Casualpoalrbear

    This statement is false! (Weekly poll 77)

    This is rather going to be one of my most favorite or least favorite poll.
  6. Casualpoalrbear

    Choose his fate! (weekly poll 74)

    Choose very wisely here. This will dictate how your 2024 will go.
  7. Casualpoalrbear

    My new phone wallpaper for 2024!

    Hey y'all, the voting for this thread is over and the winner is....
  8. Casualpoalrbear

    Do you like snow? (Weekly poll 72)

    Pretty self explanatory this one. Do you like when it's snowing. I personally love it. It's my favorite weather. But what about you? Do you like the cold?
  9. Casualpoalrbear

    Vote on my My MY new phone screen 2024 (weekly poll 71)

    Welcome to another weekly poll, this one is the same as the one in 2023. Make sure to vote for your favorite. This is the thread these all came from This king polar bear was suggested by @Reesle This one was made by @AnolTongi This blasphemy was made by @Triple6 This art was made...
  10. Casualpoalrbear

    Tea or coffee? (Weekly poll 70)

    Which one do you perfer? We are using your favorite versions of both btw. Personally I'm more of a coffee guy. Needs to be milky and sugary tho.
  11. Casualpoalrbear

    Weekly poll 69

    Did I make you worried? I would NEVER miss a poll haha. Espically not on such a funny number.
  12. Casualpoalrbear

    Lucky block (weekly poll 68)

    For this weekly poll I'm asking if you would open a lucky block in real life. It is normal luck and whatever it is you get to keep. So would you risk it?
  13. Casualpoalrbear

    Cat or moose? (Weekly poll 67)

    Ah yes the most important question since all time... Do you see a cat or a moose here? (sorry for the super late poll, I don't have as much time as I used to.)
  14. Casualpoalrbear

    Weekly poll 65 2023

    Hello today everyone. My good friend @Aratic is setting up a community montage celebrating what happened to cubecraft this year. You can learn more about it by following This link If you want to be involved in the project here is a link to the application Here ya go. And finally if you need...
  15. Casualpoalrbear

    Weekly poll (64)

    Hey we finally have a Minecraft stack let's go. Now my question is if you could have a stack of anything in real life what would it be? The actual poll would be is it possible for you to actually have it?
  16. Casualpoalrbear

    My new weekly poll list. (1-62)

    Hey y'all. I did one of these a wild back but it's getting hard to find it among my old thread and it was last year so I figured I make a new one that would be easier for me to find and get to. Hope you enjoy because I'll be updating this one now. Weekly poll 1...
  17. Casualpoalrbear

    What's the best Day of the week? (Weekly poll 62)

    I think my favorite day is Wednesday because it's the day I visit my grand mother.
  18. Casualpoalrbear

    Do you want to be a part of this?(Weekly poll 61)

    Hello friends. Another one of our fourms members known at @General0mega is writing a hunger games story using fourms members. Today weekly poll I'm asking if your interested in joining? You can read more about the world and details in this thread here As for actually signing up for the story I...
  19. Casualpoalrbear

    How are the new cubecraft updates? (Weekly poll 60)

    I want to know your thoughts on them and what you think they could of done better and what you really liked
  20. Casualpoalrbear

    Okay guys... Forget weekly pole

    What about weekly polecats?
  21. Casualpoalrbear

    What is the best Halloween monster? (Weekly poll 59)

    It the classic debate. Which monster is scarier? Werewolf or vampire?
  22. Casualpoalrbear

    Yearly poll 1 (weekly poll 58)

    Hello this is really late but to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the weekly poll I took @𝑷𝑹𝑶 𝑾𝑰𝑵𝑵𝑨𝑨𝑹 ideao of taking some of the polls I done and asking what people favorite are. I will post the links to said polls here so you can check them out and see which one your favorite is. Weekly...
  23. Casualpoalrbear

    Do you like the live action one piece? (Weekly poll 57)

    (I know the 1 year special yearly poll will be out next week. Just let me procrastinate a little bit longer) I absolutely love one piece (the anime) and I'm curious to see what people on here thinks of the live action version? And do you perfer it to the manga or anime?
  24. Casualpoalrbear

    Any fun ideas I should do for the Weekly poll becoming 1 year old?

    Basically just the title. The first poll was made on the 5th October (however it closed tomorrow last year) so is there any polls suggestions you guys want to celebrate it 1st (but late) birthday?
  25. Casualpoalrbear

    Cubecraft mob vote 2023 (Weekly poll 56)

    It that time of year again and this time we got 3 great mobs. So let see who the Cube is voting for this year. For the first one we have the Crab! For the second one we got the Armadillo! And last and hopefully not least the Penguin! So the question is... Who are you voting for?
  26. Casualpoalrbear

    What best on a hotdog?

    Today I had a lovely hotdogs... that Is all. Ketchup is supreme.
  27. Casualpoalrbear

    Which are worst? (Weekly poll 54)

    Personally I hate wasp. Genuinely my least favorite creature on this planet.
  28. Casualpoalrbear

    Are you afraid of ghost? (Weekly poll 52)

    I personally do believe in ghost but I believe ghost would be like people. Their are good ones and bad ones.
  29. Casualpoalrbear

    Least favorite number (weekly poll 51)

    I figured I do the opposite of last week's poll. I took out 4 and 7 was both the most liked and second most liked number respectively.
  30. Casualpoalrbear

    Favorite number? (Weekly poll 50)

    I was so close to not uploading a poll today lol. Anyways for the 50th weekly poll I will be asking you what number is your favorite? Of course we are only doing the first 0-9 because every other number has one of these in them.
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