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  1. T

    FFA Should a Trident Kit be added to FFA?

    Hello! I've been doing some good ol' PvP on the Cubecraft server and thought 'Hey, what if there was a melee AND ranged kit?' so, here I am! So, let's get started ~Balancing~ All of us non-wizard mains agree wizard is too powerful, so this kit would nerf them quite a bit. Tridents are...
  2. colinverp

    restart FFA

    hi guys. I had the problem that I had a 40+ killstreak in FFA but the server restarted. hereby I lost my items and my killstreak. in this way you can't come all the way to the 100 killstreak for that achievement. en I thin this should chance: keep your items and killstreak after a server...
  3. ItzNoLIama

    Java FFA Bounty Event

    Here once again with another FFA suggestion :D I like to play Free For All a lot, it is my favorite gamemode, to be honest. But I would like something new... Something that would make FFA a bit the same, but also having a little event here and there. I am thinking of a sort of bounty event...
  4. ItzNoLIama

    Java FFA Health Gain When Killing

    Health Gain When Killing Someone (I don't know if there is already a suggestion post about this) The concept in small: When you kill someone you gain a small amount of health, not a lot. Why? If you are getting focused by a big group of players it would be useful to continue your killstreak...
  5. SlipAndSlideBby

    Java FFA

    Hello readers, i am playing FFA for a while and i think its maybe a idea for each kill you make get back your full 10 hp. literally everyone is cleaning if you are 1 hp *example* You're 1v1ing someone and you came out the fight with 1 hp literally everyone who is watching jumps on you for...
  6. Jamn

    Java Gaining Health In FFA

    As Cubecraft allows teaming, I think we should be given health after fights around 3-5hp to have a better chance in 2v1 situations.
  7. djstar25

    Java PVP FFA suggestion

    Hello! So, recently I've been getting back into PVP and have noticed that majority of the time the FFA maps are all mirage... I don't HATE mirage but I would really like if there was a bit more diversity in which maps get loaded for the FFA servers. (specifically the normal maps rather then the...
  8. zHeavy

    Java FFA - Kill counter!

    Hello everyone! The title already gives a lot of information;.. I have no idea if this has been requested before. So my suggestion is, just as it is already with skywars, adding a kill counter to FFA :) I think this is only positive and not negative. I would like to know your opinion. Skywars...
  9. TheDarkSavage

    FFA 100 Killstreak Achivement

    Does anyone else besides me have the 100 killstreak achievement in FFA? Proof I Have It:
  10. Ruisdier

    Unbreaking on elytra

    Hello, When I play elytra ffa pvp I always break my elytra when I stay alive for a long time. It will be almost impossible to get really high kill streaks. Solution for this: Add Unbreaking III to all elytra's or just make it unbreakable in some way. Thx for reading.
  11. iron_monkey22

    FFA Kill streak bug

    I recently went on an ffa killing rampage against one of my friends in a server and I killed him 20+ times, but the killstreak only showed 20. Any help?
  12. A1EXAND3R

    3b hits vs 4b hits,? why?

    3bh= 3 block hits 4bh= 4 block hits FFA= free for all After testing single player distance i've come to an understanding that cube-craft's pvp in FFA isn't the same as single player distance which is 4bh, after playing 11 days, 5 hours, 27 minutes and 7 seconds with 5,273 FFA kills and 2,512...
  13. nemsol

    Ninja kit FFA

    I think the ninja kit, in combination with the wing maps, loses a lot of people wanting to play it. Since the ninja kit is based around the boots and chestplate, and the most important of them both; the chestplate gets replaced by wings, the armor points get decreased a lot. Due to this the kit...
  14. Avocado Pie

    FFA- Beast is too OP

    The beast kit can tank almost anything, as well as having an okay weapon. Archers are useless against it, as it takes so many arrows to kill. I would suggest a slowness debuff, or maybe a weaker weapon.
  15. YourLocalDoctor

    Unbalancing In Op FFA

    I've come to realize over the years i've played PC games that they wont be perfectly balanced. But if you compare ninja in op to the other classes (other than wizard which also needs a very slight buff) it is extremely under powered. There is a clear difference between a beast and a ninja. I...
  16. JonGamer16

    Kit Rebalance for PVP FFA

    Hello everyone, Jonagamer13 here, and I'm posting to talk about issues with the balance in some kits in the various types of FFA. Although the kits are already pretty fair in the normal and classic modes, they could still use a good rebalancing. First off, I want to talk about the soup FFA. The...
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