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  1. Reesle

    Bedrock Cam Reply World Landmarks Gravestone Pack 🗼

    Introduction: Hello! Hope you’re all having a good afternoon! Today’s suggestion will be about adding a new cosmetic pack to Cubecraft Bedrock! Suggestion: My idea for a new cosmetic pack is a “World Landmarks Gravestone Pack” which would feature 6 NEW gravestones! Those gravestones would be...
  2. Reesle

    All Networks Bedwars: NEW MODES, NEW Team Upgrades, & NEW Items! 🛏️

    Introduction: Hello everyone! It’s been a while since my last suggestion, but I see so much potential for Bedwars that I just had to make one! This suggestion will include new modes, new team upgrades, and new items!! Hope you like it! Compliments: Firstly, before I start the suggestion, I...
  3. JellyFish01

    Bedrock EggWars EggWars rank - Bedrock

    I'm considering buying rank on EggWars on Bedrock. How does the rank system work on Bedrcok? I'm mostly Java player, but I also play on Bedrock too! So I am familiar with the rank system on Java. Are ranked EggWars players able to choose maps? What are the other perks? Choosing maps is really...
  4. Reesle

    Community Giveaway (#3) - April: Birthday Bundle 🎊 [CLOSED]

    Introduction: Hello all! It’s been a few months since my last Forums Giveaways, and I figured it was finally time to do another! This one will be for a Birthday Bundle 2024! Giveaway: If you decide to not enter the giveaway, you are allowed to enter for a friend. To be entered into the...
  5. Xi1m

    3K Wins!

    After what felt like a decade of grinding, i have officially reached 3k+ Wins in Duels! 🥳 (stats are bugged)
  6. Reesle

    Bedrock Simple Command Suggestion: /auto

    Hello! Today I will be making a very simple suggestion to incorporate 1 new command. I propose Cubecraft add a /auto command which would turn on or off the auto game re-queue, because currently the only way to access it is from the menu when you win or die in a game. This would make it much...
  7. CalvinxKlein

    Bedrock Quest Tool CTF and Bridges

    If You have played CTF or Bridges recently you may have seen the Quest checker tool upon completing said quests you get powerups..... Now my problem isn't with the quests or anything but its with the quest progress checking tool.. In CTF it's present in the 9th hotbar slot it's where I keep my...
  8. Reesle

    Multiple Hazmat Buddies

    I think this guy found a way to have multiple buddies active at once. I relogged and this was still there, so I don’t think it’s a visual glitch.
  9. Reesle

    Bedrock Skyblock Suggestion - Wolves

    As much as I love Skyblock, I feel like it is missing one of the most beloved Minecraft animals : the wolf. Today I am making a small suggestion to add wolves to Skyblock. Skyblock already has cats, so why not wolves (dogs)? I’m thinking it could maybe be implemented into the extreme hills...
  10. Reesle

    Bedrock Simple Skyblock-Hub Suggestion

    Today, I will be giving a simple Skyblock suggestion : allow players that are VIP lvl 30 to fly in the skyblock hub. Currently it is not possible to do that. When I type /fly it says “unknown command”.
  11. V


    For those who play on mobile, there is the problem that in the middle of PVP you accidentally open the chest and lose because of it. Not just the chest, but anything that can open it.. I suggest that it might have an option that: "You can't open the chest with a sword, open it with your hand" or...
  12. E

    Bedrock The new update and old version - let’s create a new server

    The new update has changed a lot in all of the games. Some of the players like these changes, but there are a lot of people who don’t. Especially the eggwars players, since the update totally changed the EVERYTHING. To satisfy both of these groups, maybe you could create another server, for...
  13. stenB

    Bedrock petition to make a discord chatbox for BETAgames

    i see that alot of people play the cubraft betagames in bedrock and i wanted to talk a bit about it but then i realised there is no chatbox in the discord server for it?!
  14. ItzOrenPlayz

    Bedrock Java All Networks New *VIKING* Kit for FFA (Free for All)

    As a player who often grinds in Cubecraft FFA, I noticed that the kits available were making me a bit bored, so I suggested this new kit to make this game more popular and interesting (ffa is not so popular unlike minerware, eggwars and the others, Free for All is lucky if it can register 1,000...
  15. Reesle

    Bedrock Make More Bundles Giftable

    In my opinion, Cubecraft should make every bundle that is 660 Minecoins or higher giftable. I would like this implemented for a few reasons. Firstly, when I used to hold giveaways on the server, it was kinda annoying that I could only give away a Rank or the Food Bundle. Sometimes I’d have like...
  16. J

    Bedrock Games

    Where is the colony control mode?
  17. NotNitrouss

    Bedrock Item Shop changes for EggWars

    I spent about an hour designing this design that would work for the item shop and would make buying a lot faster. The second row of items are the menu, which offer all the menus in the current shop. I think this would help out in intense games and would just make the gameplay mores smooth...
  18. Spring5972

    Bedrock Add night time preset for SkyWars Bedrock Edition.

    People who know voting day time and sunset have been gotten this issue. This map is for Neon, which released a new map for SkyWars Solo today and for a couple of weeks/months, we can sometimes add night time preset. They have it in Java Edition and they don’t in Bedrock Edition. If it’s early...
  19. R

    Bedrock Things to Add into Skyblock

    1.) Sell wands (Selling by inventory takes forever) 2.) Make Arrows Sellable (They take forever to clear out of your chests because you can't sell them) 3.) Add Redstone so we can make automatic farms for the strong mobs and make life easier 4.) Fix mobs glitching out of grinders
  20. AgentHyped

    Bedrock Gamemode suggestion

    I have no clue whether its in the works, is already in the game or if it has been suggested by anyone (I haven't seen it in the game but if it is I apologise), but I think that speedbuilders would be a pretty good gamemode to add onto cubecraft as speedbuilders on mineplex is not the greatest...
  21. AgentHyped

    Bedrock Suggestion to add a winstreak counter

    petition to add a winstreak counter to skywars and maybe eggwars, its fun to keep track of winstreaks and stuff
  22. maevejones0

    Bedrock Name colour in game.

    It would be great if while in an FFA map in game names show as white on the avatar instead of yellow. I feel like this would be way more appealing but just a suggestion!
  23. qiro

    Bedrock Add ranked in bedrock

    Please add ranked Like Rank. Skywars And every two or three months he gets 30 special prizes on the leaderboard
  24. Sylveon

    Bedrock 2 Trails at the same time.

    They should allow that, You can mix up 2 Trails, Basically 2 Trails at the same time, It would be cool and matches with your skin alot, It's awesome I think its great idea, Would like to have it. i like trails Who doesn't like trails! I think it has efforts to it Heres some options :agree: -...
  25. O

    New shop layout sucks

    I personally don't like the new shop because I'm used to the old layout where I could buy things fast but now since it all moved to one place it's annoying and I keep buying the wrong items, it would be cool to be able to move the favorite items down so the layout is fixed again.
  26. SageFawn8931716

    Bedrock Pocket Edition feature addition

    Pocket Edition players can't attack in air while Pc bedrock players can. So I suggest cubecraft that they should add a feature so that pocket edition (mobile) players can also attack in air. Because this is unfair that same Minecraft edition but different feature. Who else also wants this...
  27. spoonerlee

    Yo SpOoNeRLEE here

    Yo am older generation of gamer love skyblock got on discord first then made do the linked thing just noticed have to say hi so hi am new if count 2months played on skyblock. Am Canadian heavy equipment technician 31 years young any other adults on here? Any other trades?
  28. Meme Bean8608

    All Networks Adding an infinite water bucket into skyblock

    I think there should be a quest reward for a infinite water bucket as placing it manually (all big crop farm makers have felt this) is very tedious especially when you make a cane farm become the void my idea for the quest: hidden quest Extreme hills Name: ice bucket challenge buy "x" amount of...
  29. UrBasicBunBun

    Bedrock Level Xp Cap Nerf

    They should Nerf exp level caps, i'm lv 35 and i need 7.5k exp for the next level i think they should half it, I've had so many people tell me this and honestly it should be Nerfed
  30. K

    Skyblock can’t complete quest

    You can’t craft torches with charcoal so because of this we can’t do our skyblock quest
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