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Verme Fiery

Jul 30, 2023
For those who play on mobile, there is the problem that in the middle of PVP you accidentally open the chest and lose because of it. Not just the chest, but anything that can open it..
I suggest that it might have an option that: "You can't open the chest with a sword, open it with your hand" or something like that. Would improve PVP for those playing against Control or PC people


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Mar 6, 2023
I think all consoles can have this happen to them, although it can be more annoying if you’re not using split controls on mobile. However, I think the idea of not being able to open block menus while holding a weapon is good. I’m sure people would get used to this mechanic, and in game modes with graves, it would be easier to break gravestones and avoid opening the grave instead.
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Jul 23, 2023
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I agree with this 👍

However, a lot of us are probably used to holding swords while opening chests.
Maybe opening a chest in a game could be changed to press & hold if you’re holding a weapon, since sword fighting involves tapping rather than pressing & holding.
The pressing & holding mechanic is a feature on mobile, but seems to be mostly for entities (ex: placing a chestplate on an armor stand or shearing a sheep, but an example of an exception is having a note block play the same note twice), but maybe this can be applied to blocks like chests and smithing tables, too, with a little modification.
An issue with this, though, is that some players might not know to press & hold to open a chest and could get confused. Maybe there could be a message of some kind indicating to do so. Also, to break a chest, you equip something that’s not a weapon and press & hold again.

Of course, this is simply another option. The message idea would work too; that might be a better option since I feel like my idea is complicated.
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