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    Trying to upgrade to the Diamond Rank...

    So, I was trying to upgrade to the Diamond Rank from the Gold Rank, and I went on the Cubecraft store, and I added the Diamond Rank upgrade to my cart. I filled out the information Cubecraft asked me to fill out (billing name, email, adress, etc.), and I clicked onto the next page, and I saw...
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    Introducing Sentinel.

    I'm so happy. Accept for the no butterfly clicking part. :)
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    Changed your profile picture. Nice.

    Changed your profile picture. Nice.
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    Hacker Prevention

    I'm not accusing you of hacking. I also have a friend who is a former hacker. We're buddies! :)
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    Hacker Prevention

    Report at https://reports.cubecraft.net/login. (Said this like 2 times already.)
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    Hacker Prevention

    There isn't a developed anti-cheat on CubeCraft. Ok, there is a really undeveloped anti-cheat on every server, but CubeCraft is still developing a better one. People can get kicked for clicking too fast, or moving too fast, so that's there. Just be patient. I feel the same way sometimes. :)
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    Hacker Prevention

    1. The CubeCraft staff are developing an anti-cheat, so be patient. 2. If you record a hacker hacking, you can report them. (Same with inappropriate skins and inappropriate chat messages.) Report people at https://reports.cubecraft.net/login
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    It depends on how bad the word or phrase was. It also depends on what rank the person has. (Sometimes the rank matters.)
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    Add the command /staff

    That would be very helpful, but you can already do /msg [username] to message staff.
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    Report/Appeal Links On Navigation Bar

    I like the idea! It would be very useful! :)
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    Hackers On Cubecraft

    The CubeCraft staff are working on an anti-cheat as we speak. Well not speak, but you get the point. It's hard to make an anti-cheat, and it takes time, so be patient. :)
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    Getting Diamond Rank

    It probably will be when there is a holiday. Also, you probably should have put this in: Off Topic > Everything Else, but don't worry, I've put threads in the wrong place too. :) Good luck getting diamond!
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    Forum Suggestion - Reports

    I agree. People should be able to edit they're own reports.
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    The only way is to go to https://appeals.cubecraft.net/
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