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Jan 30, 2023
Alr so I've played cubecraft since like 2015. The first day I started playing I was amazed by the amount of players they had as well as game modes and they were all unique (during this time lobbies made sense as well cause you could choose map and the mode using signs). Personally I preferred eggwars, survival games and tower defense.

I kept playing for a while but one day I noticed that the arcade was gone along with the modes.

So a long time passed I hadn't played in a long time and then they added survival games as a featured game mode that appeared like once a week but I never understood this, survival games was a major mode and it was a must to have in a server for success so keeping it would just be a benefit since I don't see an original survival games mode kept in many servers.

Then they screwed up the lobbies you must now be iron to choose the servers, you could still choose between team and solos but you never knew what kind of team mode you were going into it could be squads trios or duos or a mega 10v10 which just made the matchmaking take a year incase you wanted to duo.

Then a lot of more time passed and I got super hyped by this magic & mayhem which I spent quite a lot on but of course another good thing comes to an end and the worst part is that I, with a lot of other people didn't get to finish it.

And now they've even removed the ability to choose solo mode incase you want to play eggwars. They removed minerware and tower defense that evolved to become my favorite mode since it was so unique compared to what other servers had to offer.

So in java cubecraft used to be the best 1.9+ pvp. But lately it's just been dead they ruined everything they had to offer, everything unique. The only thing they hold onto is eggwars, skyblock (even tho a lot of servers offer this game mode cubecraft still did a great job keeping it creative) and lucky islands but u can't even choose solo mode anymore in eggwars and lucky islands is only solo so you couldn't really bring your whole group of friends without competing. FFA, parkour, skywars is something everyone has to offer. It's driving me crazy that something I used to enjoy so much for so many years is just slowly killing itself. Now yes this may depend on how minecraft has dropped in popularity but I believe the fact that a lot of game modes got removed and servers died out due to what they did plays a part in it too. For example how I brought up magic & mayhem which used to be very popular got removed real quick. The keeping of unique game modes gave a reason for newbies to join in too. Because how would you be noticed in the minecraft community when you just kill everything unique about yourself, at this point it's as the old saying finding a needle in a haystack.

Now thanks to everyone who actually read through all this sorry for any bad grammar. Hope you enjoyed hearing out my story as well as opinion.


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they are currently working on the 1.19/Party update (I dont know the exact release date, it will propably release in 1-3 months), which will bring many new features for both versions, but especially java. if the player count goes up after that, they will put even more effort into the java server, but if it keeps going down, the java server will get closed (not shure about the last part tho)
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Jun 4, 2020
I dont presume to be an expert but obviously Java is not making as much money as it's player count is not super high (thanks hypixel lmao) so they have had to shut down a lot of modes and things as such whilst they work on the 1.19 update to both versions, otherwise Story said Java would have to be shut down :((

Basically Java is just struggling financially for many reasons and hopefully the next update will bring in new players otherwise it might be time to close it's doors.
(This is all taken from a post Story made on the forums)
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