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what do u do when ur bored in skyblock?


Dec 31, 2017
Icey Land
Well, if I am in the process of more completed Quests I would normally grind the Side Quests. However, when I have completed majority of those I would play other games or make my island more beautiful. I spent a lot of time covering the whole void in dirt and then eventually made builders and expanded my farms.
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I'm back, hasn't been long but I got bored of everything else, Cubecraft is clearly my home :heart:
- Changed ign from TechnoBoop to MeliodasWrath (I've been watching too much anime lol)
- Rank upgrade 🎉
Heres how to godbridge
1. Load in a world in which you have commands
2. Give yourself slowness
3. Just walk straight backward while holding down your mouse button (make sure your holding a button)
I made a thread with a video on this, and this post is a written explanation because I forgot to put it in the thread.
Having fun talking with all these people!
Lime wrote on Mythoid's profile.
Hoi mietoit
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