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SCP-079 wrote on Marieke2001's profile.
Eli told me that microphone is only necessary for helper interview, after that usage is no longer mandatory. He also said that Sr Mod might know the reason why. So do you know why mic is required when the only time it's used is interview? Seems like such a strange way to reduce the candidate pool.
Dubby Plays wrote on Starry's profile.

Now it's time to flex the Pink Rank! e.e
Dubby Plays wrote on Axyy's profile.
🌀 Congratulations!!! ^-^ 🌀

(The emojis are supposed to be "galaxies". Get it? Gal-Axyy...eh eh...ok I stop)
Dubby Plays wrote on Calichin's profile.
Congratz on Patrick Star Rank!!! 🤩

Tbh "vacation" would be a decent map if the gold gen at mid wasn't so god damn weak, but "whale" simply needs to go. It is awful.
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