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Video We built a waterpark in Eggwars


May 6, 2019
London, UK
Hi All,

Had some fun with friends... three of us got into the same game and were really careful to NOT team but after many attempts at the end of one game the three of us were left.. it was bridges so we decided to build a waterpark complete with pools, flumes and an amazing TNT water canon.

I hope you enjoy watching it as we had a ton of fun making it. I learnt a lot of new stuff about editing so I hope it's paid off.

Please let me know :-)

ps.. I checked with a mod and whilst technically using water in eggwars could be considered bug abuse, on this occastion it isn't a problem given that all three of us that were remaining in the game agreed to use it it wasn't and wound;t be a problem :-)

WARNING: DO NOT USE WATER IN A NORMAL GAME - it's probably bug abuse and could get you banned.

Skip to here to see the TNT water Canon only...

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