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Nov 14, 2020
I reacted with "unsure" because yes, I get where you're coming from, and you have some good points.

However, you also have to remember that not everyone is on pc. Yes, there is input based matchmaking, but lately I've been running into mobile and controller players (I think this is due to the declining number of players, when input based matchmaking was first implemented cc had like x3 more players, but now it has to sacrifice that rule so that games fill up).

Not to mention that not every mouse can double click.

Yes, double clicking isn't necessarily that big of an advantage, but it's still an advantage.


Jan 11, 2022
*Please read the entire post before voting, as I will be going over supporting arguments*

We will be talking about the rule:

The use of autoclickers, macros, mapping your click button to your mouse wheel, dragclicking, using multiple mice, or using a mouse that registers double clicks is not allowed. Also modifying your mouse's click function in any way via software or hardware is considered cheating and will result in a cheating ban.
1.3 - Clicking Methods​

What is debounce / double-clicking?

Double-clicking is a method of clicking a mouse that registers multiple inputs per one physical input on a mouse. For example, when you click once, two clicks register in-game rather than one. This is WITHOUT the use of ANY software or macros. How exactly does a double click work? A computer mouse registers a click usually by physical contact. It sends an electrical signal to your computer to register the click. When you click your mouse a certain way though, you can cause a "bouncing effect" where the mouse switches will register more than one electrical signal for a split second after you click your mouse. Some companies have gotten around this phenomenon by implementing a system called the "debounce delay" which will filter out the extra electrical signals. You can change how strict the filter is by modifying the debounce time. The higher it is set to, the more strict the filter.

Players are able to achieve higher CPS through double clicks when they lower the debounce time - reducing the filter's strictness.

The issue

Cubecraft has banned both double-clicking, and debounce modifying. This rule wasn't always around, until ~2 years ago when a player who goes by the name of STASI was suddenly banned for a month because they used "illegal modifications" by changing their debounce time.

Originally, this rule made sense, as Cubecraft had to consider other devices playing on the network (this was before input-based matchmaking), and they didn't want to allow PC players the advantage of using a special mouse feature - which mobile and console players cannot use. Now though, Cubecraft has input-based matchmaking. Players with a computer mouse go against other players with computer mice.

Most argue that "Changing your debounce is essentially using software to achieve higher CPS". This is true that you must use software to change debounce time, but you aren't using "cheating software" that is deliberately designed to exploit. The debounce slider is a feature in ALL SOFTWARE for gaming mice, made BY the company of the gaming mouse - not some third-party hacking client.

I would also like to take a moment to stop and really think about what debounce modifying really is. It is a FILTER to PREVENT clicks from occurring - not a slider to give you MORE clicks. Having your debounce slider at a high-strict setting is more of a handicap rather than a "normal occurrence". The filter itself is stopping legitimate electrical signals from being processed. It is NOT giving you MORE or LESS clicks. (This is not to be confused with a macro, which is software that multiplies a click after the signal is sent).

This argument is slightly weaker than the others, but I would still like to mention it. Nobody in the PvP/scrim community follows the debounce rule. Even new players that join Cubecraft for the first time will most likely have their debounce filter on a low setting. This happened recently with a YouTuber by the name of MontclairBear (147k subs) who uploaded a Cubecraft video for the first time a few days ago. The entire video is about him tellybridging/godbridging on Java 1.18 (godbridging requires a clicking method called dragclicking, which is only possible via a low-passive debounce filter). Unfortunately, I heard he is now banned from Java Cubecraft. Why did he use a low-passive debounce filter in his video in the first place? Because apart from Cubecraft, almost no other big PvP server restricts you from lowering your debounce. Hypixel for example allows debounce modification. Cubecraft is one of the only big PvP servers that prohibit low/passive debounce filtering.

Along with the last paragraph, reporting for double-clicking is practically impossible. Unless you have video evidence of the player's debounce slider at a low setting, there is not going to be enough proof to get someone punished. Players can simply argue that they were jitterclicking, or using another clicking method to achieve their CPS. For this reason too, almost everyone in the PvP community doubles.

Another argument I want to bring is that of "using hardware to give yourself an unfair advantage". If this really means what I think, then this can be generalized to "players are not allowed to use gaming mice on Cubecraft". The double-click phenomenon happens with every gaming mouse switch, this is not something that is only built into highly rare and expensive mice.

For my final argument, I want to go over "double-clicking is abusing your mouse's hardware to give yourself an advantage". Ok. So how is this any different from jitterclicking? If we are talking about a normal computer mouse, anything but normal clicking is technically abusing a mouse. There really is no difference whether you are jittering 18 cps or double-clicking 20 cps. It is all abusing your mouse to achieve more clicks per second in a block video game.

The solution

If Cubecraft is really concerned about high CPS, they should take the initiative themselves to add a CPS cap, not force each player to change a setting on their mouse's official software to filter out more CPS just to play on one server.

Thank you for reading if you've made it this far. Please try to keep an open mind about what I've said, and react to this post. This is also a slightly-heated topic, so, please do not start anything unnecessary.

Can Cubecraft make an anti-cheat-like mod or software more like valorants' vanguard so that they can disable this double-clicking thing, create a proper anti-cheat, and make it so that you need the software running on your PC to join and play games on cubecraft? I know that it this hard or even impossible to make a thing like this but I think this is good for the future of cubecraft because hacks are getting advanced fast IDK about technical stuff but I 'd like to see this in cubecraft
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