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    I believe that I was unfairly banned from my beloved cubecraft games and simply wasn't hacking I was just lagging and glitching and got banned for flying by anti-cheat. I think that I should get unbanned because I have had to sit out for a year while cube craft has slowly and surely been advancing in new creative games and I want to be able to play :D. But I have already appealed and it got rejected though I don't remember appealing
  2. If you have appealed and it got rejected than there is nothing you can do about it i think. But what you could do is starting a conversation with a staff member and they could (maybe) help you with this problem , don't spam on the profiles of staff members because that could be very annoying for them. Just click on inbox and start a coversation with one of them :)

    Goodluck !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.