Skywars for dummies

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    Hello beautiful people of cubecraft. since there is already a dummie guide for eggwars and blockwars, i feld the need to make a dummie guide for SOLO Skywars. (Say so if you want a team guide)

    1) introduction to Skywars
    2) The main lobby
    3) kits
    4) The glass case fase
    5) The beginning of a game
    6) The mid of a game
    7) The end of the game

    1: The introduction to skywars
    Skywars is a game that is played in the sky. The goal of the game is to be the last man standing wich means you must not die. There are 2 ways of dying in Skywars: falling in the void and being killed by a player. In the course of the game you need to loot chests, build to other people their islands and kill other players.

    2: The main lobby
    Skywars is a very popular game on cubecraft wich means a big time of the day there are a lot of lobby's. Sometimes there is a staff member online in lobby 1 but not every time.

    In your inventory you have the skywars shop where you can buy kits, and the lobby selector where you can select a lobby.
    When you're join a lobby and you walk forward you'll see skywars info, when you go to the LEFT you'll go to solo mode, when you go to the RIGHT you'll go to team mode. When you go to solo, on the RIGHT side you play without kits, and on the LEFT side you play with. with team skywars it's reversed.

    3: Kits
    Coming soon

    4: The glass case fase
    When you join a game you will see you're standing in a box of glass. In the main lobby you can get cubelets and get coloured glass for in-game.

    When you're standing in the glass box you will see you can select your kit, select a kit you're good with or a kit that is usefull in the map. Gold+ can vote for the time of day, Diamond+ can vote for BASIC, NORMAL or OVERPOWERED. Basic chests are basic items and food in minecraft with the best stuff being a chainmeal armour, stone sword and apples.
    Normal is just normal stuff with the best stuff beind diamond gear, swords and golden apples.
    Overpowered is Very good armour, Max. sharpness IV sword and notch apples.

    i would recommend choosing your kit on what game type there is. SomeTime there are something what i call 'Last Second Voters' wich means they vote at the very last second so people don't know what gametype it is. I would recommend having the kit menu open the whole time so you can react quick.

    5: The beginning of a game
    In the beginning of a game you need to loot the chests that are on your island and get the best stuff (or everything) that is in there. It would come in handy if you can see quickly what is in the chests and if you know where all the chests are (say if you want a chest guide). When you have everything prepared just take the time and wait a few seconds so you can see what is the best choice. Sometimes there are people who instantly try to build to other islands so be prepared for that. On maps like jungle and beach it's the best if you go as soon as possible to the mid.

    6: The mid of a game
    On the beginning of a game some players already died and now people are trying there best to play as good as possible. In The mid stage of the game the best option would be to travel from island to island, loot someones chests if they aren't looted already and if you see players you need to be sneaky so they don't notice you. It's always important that you are safe on an island, especially in Overpowered when someone has a punch bow. This can be easily be fixed by going underground or building a simple base:
    When you are building it's important that you're bridges are safe. I would recommend when you have enough block to build a double bridge cause the chance you won't fall of is higher. Also in overpowered mode sometimes it can be handy to build a wall so that you can't be shot.
    7: The end of the game

    The end is neigh. Only a few players are left seperated over the whole world. A tip is to use a compass so you can see where everybody is. This is i think the best fase to build to mid 'cause there's a lower chance of being shot. In this fase a small mistake could be crucia. The best way to play is going in a pvp with someone when no one is around, so you can regen at the end of the battle. Make sure you're as powerfull as you can get for the final battle and be almost sure you can't lose.

    Hopefully you liked this thread and if it was useless, im sorry :(
    (pls leave comments down below to make this guide better)

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