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Hello in this thread I will be discussing how Cubecraft should add a community feature for skyblock.

What Would Skyblock Community Be:
It would be a way people could create skyblock communties not just for their friends but for everyone.

What Skyblock Community Would Add:
It would add the option in the skyblock menu to enable it, if enabled it would let you have 100 players instead of 6, and it would add it the skyblock to a ui that you could find islands in.

Requirements To Enable Skyblock Community:
To enable skyblock community you should need to be the owner, have skyblock rank, and have the max amout of players aloud without the community feature enabled.

Optional Things That Could Be Added:
If the skyblock has 50 players or more they could get a private skyblock hub, a feature that lets you connect a discord server to your skyblock description, and generators could go faster so more people get items.

Skyblock Ui:
In the skyblock ui you could have a filter to find islands that are the most popular, least popular, and maybe even amount of skyblock coins all the players have in total

Finishing Things Up:
So all in all the skyblock community feature would be really cool to add so more people could skyblock together.
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