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  1. Lyriie

    🌨️ Community Highlights - January 2024

    It's 2024, and Community Highlights is getting an upgrade! For anyone who is new here, in this series I compile lots of information about amazing updates, community content and user activity over the latest month into just one thread. You can find the previous edition here. I promised some big...
  2. turbogeil74

    EggWars Bedrock My 3-year Cubecraft Journey

    I have played Cubecraft for what I would like to say, a long time and i would like to post this thread to go back on history. (before I continue, I would like to say I quit cubecraft fir a but to play games like Roblox Or Fortnite. I just came back from a break after 3-4 months and right now I...
  3. G

    All Networks Concerns About Recent Changes and the Future of CubeCraft Games

    Dear CubeCraft Games Team, I have been inactive in this website for 4 years but I felt like the time has come. I am writing to express my deep disappointment and concern regarding the recent changes on the server. As a dedicated player for the past seven years (not only this account) it pains...
  4. Hoshi

    The Forum Guide: Community Edition

    Hey CubeCrafters! I’ve been meaning to write this thread for a while now, but a recent suggestion thread made me want to start working on this immediately. Therefore, I present to you: 🗣️ The Forum Guide: Community Edition 💙 Do you think navigating the Forums is difficult? Fret not, as this...
  5. Mafe

    Java Eggwars cubecraft Java

    Hello, I write this post with the hope that they take into account the community of eggwars 1.9 java, with the most recent 1.19 in cubecraft we lost all the gameplay to which it was updated in terms of pvp store items such as armor etc, that In addition to the fact that since last year most of...
  6. La J

    Count to 1,000

    Hi Guys! So i wanted to do something nice and decided to bring back the game a guy did here some time ago, the challenge was count to 1,000,000 but i don’t wanna exaggerate so we’re gonna just count to 1,000 (p.s gonna use his same rules so it’s easier for everyone and let’s make this happen...
  7. IDKhan

    Video Is cubecraft killing the community?

    this is mostly all my opinion, if im wrong on anything in this video please tell me
  8. D

    Coding Clan Tag - New Labymod Addon

    Hello Cubecrafters! I along with CCC team would love to present you our newest creation! Clan Tag is a Labymod addon that will help you connect with community! Features: Shows clan tag above player's head. Ability to colorize the clan tag. Detects relation to other clans and automatically...
  9. SoloWarz

    Web PFP Boarders

    Hey, Cubecrafters! It's very nice for the VIP, partners, and staff to have smth makes them stand out, so here in this suggestion, I have an idea which makes them stand out more! So, I suggest adding PFP boarders to the ranked, yt, or even staff members, it's simple and very cool. For example...
  10. SoloWarz

    All Networks Battle Arena (Duels) Suggestion

    Hey, cubecrafters! Let's dive quickly into the suggestion: When you play duels and win/lose, it only shows if you want to duel (x) player again, if you accept and the (x) player accepts, then you will duel again, but, if you choose to accept or deni and (x) player denies, then it sends you...
  11. SoloWarz

    The WR for the most active staff at a time

    Hey cubecraft community! This is the first time I have seen 12 active staff on the forums, so this is a WR imo, just a moment, I'm bringing the Guinness WR officer, oh I forgot, I must have permission from the CC staff team, that's totally a problem, can you help me, staff? All lOve to...
  12. SoloWarz

    Bedrock New suggestions prefix

    Hey there! In every successful minecraft server (like cubecraft), there must be a way to suggest things and hear the communities' feedback, and bc cubecraft has this great feature, im gonna suggest to imrove it a little bit more, by adding the "Work in progress" prefix; to know what things and...
  13. SoloWarz

    Bedrock Level-based loot and prestiging

    Hey there, cubecrafters! loot in cubecraft is a very amazing thing which you can get, by buying ranks, or even as an easter egg, but, you can't get loot by leveling up in cubecraft, so my suggestion is to add level-based loot, which can be cages, graves, egg skins, or even prefixes. Also, it's...
  14. SoloWarz

    Will we get level-based loots and prestiging?

    Hey there ! I have a question: will cubecraft implement level-based loot and prestige?
  15. SoloWarz

    All Networks Update the minimum playable version to 1.13

    I think they should do this so that more maps get published, especially for bedrock version, and there's no way that anyone in this world plays on version 1.12 when it comes to mcbe/mcpe If you agree react with :agree: and i love you +1000 times If you disagree react with :disagree:
  16. SoloWarz

    Bedrock Remove the old "Awesome Lobbies !" screenshot

    I've just noticed that the screenshot "Awesome Lobbies!" that displays the old lobby is still not removed, so I suggest removing it, here's an image :D *Don't ask me why I'm using *8 pack! You can clearly see the screenshot, it's located right under the "Join server" button If you agree...
  17. SoloWarz

    Denied Update the lobbies just like the main one

    The new lobby that cubecraft has just introduced is breathtaking, it is amazing! But, unfortunately, they just updated the main lobby, why not update the eggwars, skywars, minerware, lucky islands, or even blockwars lobbies? My suggestion is to remove the portals for all the lobbies and update...
  18. SoloWarz

    1000 wins...finally ?!

    Hey there! I've just got 1000 wins on solo eggwars, 1000 wins, BIG NUMBER! I'm so excited and glad I'm gonna be on the leaderboard soon! Fortunately, I was recording a video on my iPad when I hit 1000 wins, so very soon, I'm uploading the video to my youtube channel, if you wanna check it: Click...
  19. SoloWarz

    Bedrock Exp For Kills

    In any PVP mode of cubecraft (bedrock edition), you don't get any exp for killing ppl, so I think it's fantastic to reward the players when killing ppl with exp, so I suggest rewarding the player when he kills ppl with (y) exp, for a kill, and on eggwars specifically: you get exp for breaking...
  20. SoloWarz

    Level 45 !!

    sup CubeCrafters! I'm so close to lvl 45 on CubeCraft now, just 100 xp left!
  21. SoloWarz

    Builds show us your best build ever !

    What is your best build you've ever built in minecraft ? share it in the replies !
  22. SoloWarz

    So, what do you think would happen if ...

    So, what do you think would happen if RelatedNoobs commented on this thread ? That would be OMG
  23. SoloWarz

    So i bought a new PC with 10FPS

  24. SoloWarz

    I need YOUR HELP

    So I made a Minecraft bedrock cubecraft channel, and I need YOUR HELP! so please make sure to Visit the channel and subscribe "iT's fReE aNd YoU cAn cHAngE yoUr mInd LatER" Here is the link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCVzg_E-6tc39t0BOaVwmscg
  25. SoloWarz

    Bedrock 700 wins !

    HELLO CUBECRAFTERS! I'm hitting 700 wins on eggwars solos, so let me know if you're amazed or not !
  26. D

    Java Among slimes dead

    I'm sure you've seen a big drop in Among Slimes's player base lately. This is partly because Among us is not so popular anymore, but Among us still survived on top almost 6 months, meanwhile Among Slimes didn't even survive 2 months. I think the reason why it died so quickly is in the rules...
  27. DarkStray

    All Networks Creator Advertisement! - Advertise Cubecraft Youtubers and Streamers!

    HELLO EVERYONE! What is this Suggestion? I want a very active and a good GREAT community involved in CubeCraft! I would want the community to grow larger and show the best of cubecrafts community and how amazing it is. I felt recently the community has been getting a bit detached from...
  28. D

    Top 10 richest skyblock profiles

    I've been wondering about who is in the Top 10 of the richest Skyblock profiles! If anyone wanna flex, would be nice if u could give me ur net worth. By the net worth i mean coins all members have and amount of all generators, spawners and others expensive items like: diamonds, obsidian, lava...
  29. P

    Java Slime survival should be added permanently

    Slime survival should be added permanently to the CubeCraft Games Lobby because it is such a fun game and I think a lot of people would like it.
  30. LavaCraftBedrock

    Skyblock Communities

    Hello in this thread I will be discussing how Cubecraft should add a community feature for skyblock. What Would Skyblock Community Be: It would be a way people could create skyblock communties not just for their friends but for everyone. What Skyblock Community Would Add: It would add the...
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