Show some of your most creative Custom Kits!! :)

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    Alright, first off I want to say to Cubecraft they did an AMAZING JOB on this update!! I love the fact I can create 7 Custom Kits with my Rank. However, unfortunately almost EVERY stone ranker is basicly just creating Diamond Gear with Protection. Maybe they do this because they can't vote OP in Egg/SkyWars. But I hope they start creating original kits! I also love the fact that you can challange people, why? Whenever none of my friends are online quite some people challange me because I have a Rank. And I also get to see what they created :)

    Before reading this, this thread is ment to inspire some people, and you ARE allowed to copy all my custom kits in this thread as long as you DON'T CLAIM YOU CREATED ALL THESE. Sow feel free to share your idea's.

    Now, back to the actual thread. Why don't we all show our most creative Custom Kits! I included ALL my kits since I bet not a lot of people have them ;)
    Sow first I have my Flying Fish Kit:
    This kit has a Fish with Sharpness V, A Salmon with Knockback I, and a Pufferfish with Flame V. This kit has a Speed II or III I believe together with a Jump V Boost. Maybe you can get high enough to fly with the Elytra this kit has. For some of these Hardcore 1.8 Fish Rod PVP'ers I included a fishing rod because why not? And at last I gave this kit 32 Cooked Fish and 32 Cooked Salmon.

    Melon Battle To The Death:
    You could say this kit is some sort of copy compared to the fish kit above ^ ^ ^. This kit has a Melon Slice with Sharpness V, a Glinstering Melon with Flame V and a Melon (square) with Knockback I. This kit has a Speed II or III boost and a Jump III or IV I believe. Also, this kit has green dyed Boots and Tunic, and a Lime dyed Pants and Helmet sow you can be a melon!! And I actually enchanted the boots with unbreaking II and Feather Falling V.

    Pig Rodeo:
    I actually created this kit today and it's AMAZING and HILARIOUS at the same time. You get a Pig Spawn Egg, a Saddle, a Golden Chestplate with Unbreaking V, A Carrot on a Stick with Unbreaking V and Sharpness V. And if you want you even got a shield with a pig banner on it ;) You spawn the pig, equip the saddle and use the carrot on a stick to navigate it AND fight at the same time! I love it :D

    Spooky Scary Skeleton:
    I believe this was my first kit I created, (I had an old kit and changed that to the Melon kit later) what is this kit you ask? You get Nausia V, Blindess V and Invisibility V and even Glowing I. You have to play in the map Maze and find each other by following to their lines surrounding them. You wear a skeleton head just sow it makes seeing each other a bit easier. And you also get a bone with Sharpness V as your weapon. JesperGeakko, HackersDontWin, Jinjo and Roroyourboat_ experienced it and I think they agree it's spooky ;)

    This sais BOOM!!:
    Sow there is a kit with explosive bows, and I LIKED IT. Sow I decided to give it my own twist. You get a small Jump Boost and Blindness V. Oh and I forgot to say you get Glowing aswell. You get a Shield with a TNT Pattern if you want too. You get full Iron with all protection sow you can't die to bowspam. But how do you kill the enemy then? Well, since you have blindness and glowing, you just randomly shoot explosive arrows to the glowing lines and hope your enemy falls through a hole in the arena! :D

    Sow these were all my kits sow far and I hope you guys want to share your best kits aswell and let's also hope stone rankers stop just making Protection V Diamond Gear and make funny kits they enjoy aswell. Because let's be honest, they take 6 stacks Notch Apples and think they can kill you. NO!! Those fights always end in a tie because you're both too strong.
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    It is says, not sais
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    I made a Mario kit, with some "custom" items from the Super Craft Bros game. ;)
    • Golden Sword ("Mario's Blade", Sharpness I, Unbreaking III)
    • Golden Apples (x3)
    • Red Tulip ("Fire Flower", Sharpness I, Fire Aspect I, Knockback I)
    • Mushroom Stew ("Super Mushroom")
    • Cooked Potato (x8 or x16)

    • Leather Helmet (Red, Protection I, Unbreaking III)
    • Leather Chestplate (Cyan, Protection II, Unbreaking III)
    • Leather Pants (Blue, Protection I, Unbreaking III)
    • Leather Boots (Brown, Protection I, Feather Falling IV, Unbreaking III)

    • Jump Boost II
    • Absorption I
    • Regeneration I

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