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Jun 15, 2020
Hey, add Tower Defence to Bedrock.

Also I had this thread ready for the feedback and suggestions subforum but was told to wait off until a new td update was confirmed (and then that thing happened...) so if this is added to bedrock maybe consider the following

Made this thread on Mar 27 2022 so it was a while back

thanks to Crystaldrop, Shotgun, Audrey, Yppilf for contributing to the thread below btw
For If There Ever is a Tower Defence Update

Hello, I’m making this thread, with help from my Tower Defence(TD) friends so that when TD is updated there will be a thread staff can look at to see what the community want, a lot of different peoples opinions/suggestions are in this thread, not just mine.

Firstly, why am I talking about a TD update, no one plays that game, right? Well, not really. There is a rare breed of people that do play TD and sometimes these people make the player count go above 100 players, which is quite a lot of players compared with and to other games especially comparing the more popular games, Tower Defence is not too far behind(Lots of Hypixel Tower Wars players joined also). So, why should CubeCraft Update TD?

Well to start off, as I just said, Tower Defence actually does have an active community who play every day/a few times a week, the player count is quite high usually(apart from off-peak hours, but on off-peak hours most games see a massive decrease in player count). Games start very fast as there are lots of people who like to party together so games fill up quickly.

Secondly, people are unfortunately getting a little bit bored. We’ve been playing the same TD for quite a long, long time. Yes, there was an update just a little over a year ago but that was a balancing update, not a content update and with that update, was a promised content update.

Thirdly, our promised content update, as said above. Cubecraft said to the TD community that September-November of 2021 would see a content update for Tower Defence as the Balancing update was quite underwhelming, it didn’t change much besides some QOL and “balancing of Towers/Troops”. I don’t want to seem like I’m holding these words against Cube, but I am. Because yk they did say them... (now they’re just not gonna say anything..)

So... If CubeCraft do plan an update for Tower Defence, I’m making this thread to condense part of the Tower Defence communities suggestions/opinions. Ill go over some Suggestions and Bugs now.

Solo Tower Defence

Sooo... Solo Tower Defence, everyone should be interested in this as it’s.. interesting. IMO anyway. I actually created a thread about Solo Tower Defence a while ago which, I think is a cool enough idea but I have an even cooler one now(based on very few of my own ideas-).

My own solo Tower Defence thread was an idea for a 6 player 1v1v1v1v1v1 game mode, which would work quite well as there’d be both enough troops and enough income but I don’t believe its as exciting as the new idea my friends and I came up with as well as that, its kinda like Hypixel Tower Wars afaik, I have never played it but I was told it was.

With the new idea for Solo Tower Defence(1v1), we take each player as if they are three players; this would speed up the game considerably compared to just being able to send the troops of one person/defend the troops of one person.

So taking one person as three people would mean that the goldmine would be as follows:

level 1 30 0
level 2 60 375
level 3 90 1050
level 4 150 3000
level 5 300 7500
level 6 600 18000

However, that’s a lot of exp to get to be able to afford goldmine upgrades, and that’s why there needs to be an alteration to troops as well, we decided that with each minute you should be able to send an extra one troop, this would mean the game would gradually get faster rather than being hugely fast at the start/slow for the whole game. So [troops you can send = 12 + 1xminutes in the game], until twenty four minutes hits, at that point you stop being able to send an extra troop per minute, this mean the cap on troop sends is at 36( troops you can send = 12 + 1(24) = 36). Why is it a cap of 36? Well, as said at the start, each player is being taken as three. If you were able to send more troops it would be too hard as there’s only one person to defend, even with triple the amount of coins, placing tower takes time. 36 Giants at level three is hard to defend, trust me.

In conclusion:
  • Each player is equivalent to three players in Team Tower Defence to Solo Tower Defence, this means the goldmine is x3 and the troops cap at 36(12x3) overtime
  • The game should be balanced if you make sure that at all times each mechanic is now x3 in solo td rather than just taking it as a singular player.
Troop Changes


Before the last Tower Defence update Giants were next to useless when it came to their use in a game of TD. They were incredibly weak and weren’t what you would think of when it has the title of the strongest troop in the game, they were very easy to kill after just a few inferno’s and zero defences.

With the new update Giants had to change, and they did. The health of Giants was increased hugely which was thought to be a good things bug it wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

When having a team of six very good and knowledgeable players, yes, it was do-able. But when it comes to defending huge amounts of Giants when your alone with a team that doesn’t know how to play, it is almost impossible. Your whole team needs to be able to make a perfect defence and to be able to throw inferno pots, which is usually only do-able in a party.

As mentioned before, inferno pots are a must for a Giant defence when you have even the slightest flaw, which is a given when it comes to playing TD with randoms, which I think isn’t how it should be. Rushes should be defended by Towers, you shouldn’t have to rely on a pot to defend rushes. I think a troop that is only defendable by the pots of a few players and a perfect defence shouldn’t exist.

Calculations can be done to show that on shorter maps, a single wave of Giants will reach the enemy castle, even if they have high level (near maxed) defense, provided no Inferno potions are thrown. Even if Inferno is thrown, if the defense is weak (missing some DPS towers or some Ices), Giants will still make it through. Moreover, the future (possible)nerfs to inferno will effectively act as a buff to Giants, and it will prevent any possible means of defending, thus becoming a true Kill-Switch.

This all ignores the fact that even with an OP Inferno, a team may send multiple waves of Giants, preventing overlapping Inferno on all of them (meaning the later waves won't have any Infernoes thrown on them). So only a team with enough competent players such as a party will be able to defend that.

So onto the second part of the Giants conversation;
Simple tests have shown that Giants (though the HP is not always visible in game) max out at 9999 HP, for level III, IV, and V. If they did in fact have the HP stated on their mob cards, they would almost certainly act as Kill-Switches, regardless the circumstances (imagine Giants going 3x farther into the map than it currently does!). So although this is an apparent bug, it isn't one we want fixed. Rather, we should want the overall HP distribution for all Giants (by level) to be fixed.

It's also worth noting that with a 9999 HP cap, unlocking and sending Giant IV and V are nearly pointless (aside from the slight difference in HP from higher level normal zombie spawns), and Giant III will only buff your Giants by an extra 625 HP, but cost much more EXP and money to send.

So this is even more reason to change the health of Giants, defending a Giant with the health of 9,999 is very, very hard. Imagine if there was still the ability to send a Giant with a health of 31640 HP, which is what level 5 Giants should be.

Onto the third part of this section, towers;
  • Currently, the only other ground mob that has quake immunity is Invisible Spiders (and the Wither). Even normal zombies are vulnerable to quake, so why not Giant zombie? Is it really the most similar mob to invisible Spiders? The Giant (hardly invisible)? For consistency, it seems that Giant quake immunity should be removed.

Mage (updated)
  • Currently Giant seems to be affected by the ignition damage effect of the mage tower (as well as the fireballs), but not the duration effect. Similar to the argument for quake above, Giants shouldn't have mage immunity, as the only mobs that do are fire resistant, but Giant isn't inferno resistant, so why should it mage resistant? For consistency, Mage should be debugged to affect Giants just as it affects other mobs.
So in conclusion, Giants really need to be nerfed considerably. Removing Giants immunity to Mage and Quake as well as making the health of Giants much less would make the game a lot fairer and more fun.

Lobby Message

At the moment the message you get in the lobby before the game starts is rather useless, it contains minimal information and people still go into the game asking questions like “how do I get exp”.

That’s why my friends designed a new message for CubeCraft staff to simply copy and paste. This is the current message:

And this is the message we believe should be added to Tower Defence:

As you see we have added information about how to gain and use EXP, added information about the castle bazaar and added a part about communications with team members which is very important in tower defence.

We’ve also added a link to the Tower Defence fast guide created by Shotgun which goes over a range of Tower Defence mechanics in a shorter amount of words/just the main points.

Selling Back Pots

This is a very simple suggestion, just like you’re able to sell back troops if you accidently buy them you should be able to sell back pots as well

You may sell back troops by right clicking after you have left clicked to buy them.

Rejoin Command

There is already a suggestion forwarded about adding /rejoin to Eggwars, which if implemented, would be server-wide I would think. But I still want to add it here to stress the importance of adding the ability to rejoin a Tower Defence game.

Unfortunately crashing is incredibly common in Tower Defence due to the amount of lag the troops and towers cause. There should be a rejoin feature in Tower Defence due to the amount of times people crash which is both a disadvantage to your own team but also makes the game unfair as the other side will have an extra players income.

On most servers there is a rejoin feature, I don’t see why CubeCraft don’t have one especially when it comes to Tower Defence. This is a must have feature for a game that has so much lag that causes crashes.

Make EXP Gained Higher For Tower Defence

During the last Tower Defence update we were told that the EXP gained for a win in TD would be increased, but it was forgotten. That’s why I’m creating a short suggestion here to increase the EXP gained from a game of Tower Defence. Rather than having the range of exp gained as 50-150exp, it should be 125-300exp.

Currently you could play a forty minute game of non-stop Tower Defence and get just 100exp, not because you done bad but because other people placed more towers or sent more troops even if they were worst troops or towers.

300 exp may seem high but you can get 250 exp for a few minutes of Eggwars, so it’s really not high at all.. 40 minutes of Tower Defence should be rewarded.

You could also have a system in which the base range is something like 100-200exp but you gain +25 exp every 5-10minutes of playing time, whatever the community thinks is best I guess.

Remove Quick Start

Removing the Quick Start game mode may bring some controversial conversations but I believe it has to happen. Quick Start is abused more than played for fun and that should stop.

You can get a win in Quick Start in just 2 minutes with a party and that sort of gameplay scares off players and makes the community rather tryhardy as when other people are doing it you feel like your missing out on wins so you must do it.

Quick Start is abused and so it must go.


CubeCraft really failed the Tower Defence community in the last update. We were left with a game that was even more buggy after CubeCraft played around with it. The worst part of the last Tower Defence update was that Cubecraft never cleaned up after themselves, the game was left riddled with unfixed bugs and this needs to change.

CubeCraft should never leave a game in such a state again, while giving false hope like “the minute the dev is available it will be fixed”, stuff like this is nonsense and is just lies.

I understand CubeCraft have deadlines and need to move on at some point but they also need to clean up the messes they make, recently updates haven’t left as much bugs, which is good, it means CubeCraft is doing better, but if CubeCraft do update Tower Defence again this behaviour hopefully won’t be a problem, I have a list of bugs that are important and need fixing very fast here:
  • AoE potion stacking
  • Towers stacking damage (Ice/Mage?)
  • Speed AoE not working on certain hit spots (Barren/Demons afaik)
  • Giant lvl4/5 HP capped at 9,999 and only shown on Cave Crawl
  • Creepers not taking damage to inferno on certain maps (or possibly lobby/server based)
  • Zeus AoE doing damage to troops being immune to it
  • Speed AoE not working on Giants
  • Top players not appearing at the end of the game Map Error:
  • The bottom of Cave Crawl, if you place a sorcerer and upgrade it, it bugs out the configuration and you cannot place above
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