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Mar 24, 2017
we cant change the player loss... as bad as it is you all want to add new features its ok idea but sucks...
look we need to revamp our ideas... we need a better anti cheat no hackers = no player loss...? "why" u ask?... because I wanted to leave due to many hackers what we need is more staff or a better anti cheat we need preston to fight by our side?!? hes the king of this hes the one with a huge subscriber count he can help us revive we need cubecraft admins/owners to speak to him... ask him to do a video explaining the situation the hypixel stealing cubecrafts idea? its scumbaggy taking our playerbase over a copy! when are hypixel going to be original! heres what you do... come up with an idea.. any idea like for instance a game as fobby as idk boxing... were 2 players spawn in a ring and punch till theres a winner damn add a timer and let them have round if they last long enough... damn I like that idea cubecraft get on that bby <3 but yeah do that watch them copy in daysss -peace- ly all

Power Ranger

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Apr 20, 2016
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1. I've only seen one hacker all day and they were banned immediately after I killed them by the anti cheat.

2. Complaining that Hypixel took bedwars is pretty hypocritical as Cubecraft was not the first server with survival games, duels, ffa, skywars, arcade games, a game like minerware, or even a gamw like eggwars! Eggwars was inspired and is pretty much the original bedwars that was made on another server before Cubecraft even had eggwars. Bedwars/Eggwars have become classic games like survival games and skywars and the cubecraft playerbase just have to deal with it.

Now onto your game suggestion :P I think it would be a nice minerware game but as a full gamemode I don't think it would do very well. Punching each other in a ring just doesn't seem very fun and seems a lot like duels with less options for PvP. If the game was expanded on to contain a ton of unique features that make it very interesting I would play it though :3

ElementalFox Gaming

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Jul 31, 2016
First things first. POWER_RANGER is right, we can't complain about stealing ideas and yadda yadda yadda, but we can focus on revamping our own. Mineware needs to have different challenges that are more interesting. For example, flying to the moon isn't that fun, but we can do things like maybe snowball fight or something. I agree wholeheartedly with you that we need to upgrade our anti-cheat system.


Mar 24, 2017
so why not add kits so like a helmet or a rod
maybe even abilitys like have 5% stronger hit etc
and this would be an og for cubecraft I thing many youtubers would enjoy it for banter reasons
snowball one seems nice! and ik that but after cubecraft made it hypixel instantly jumped onwards don't u think?
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