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Feb 15, 2021
Now I reported it again and it's closed and forwarded, but a month later it's still not fixed.
And they say “we prefer to fix bugs of the most popular games”🥴 maybe its low priority because no one use shields? Just cubecraft knows…

Since when is Java on 1.17.1? Or is it a test server?
Server is on 1.12.2 but you can join from 1.12.2 to the latest 1.17 version


Jul 31, 2017
I wouldn't mind if they would quit all the current projects and pick it up later, i rather play all the games including featured games without bugs, building on games without bugs would be perfect for me.
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Jul 2, 2015
Hi Matriox and others,

I wanted to respond to this thread as I feel rather responsible for the bug team, bug fixes and other things involved with bugs. Initially I wasn't going to respond to this thread, as I felt like Drew was doing an amazing job at explaining, yet I have noticed there is still quite some confusion and lack of trust in our team. I wanted to clarify some things that have been said in this thread and I wanted to show you all that everyone in the server team does care about bugs.

Before the new moderators were added to the bug team, Keanu and I started to feel very burnt out by the amount of work we needed to do for the bug team. I felt very responsible to keep bug reports up to date, while Keanu was away due to private reasons. Adding these moderators to the bug team gave me and Keanu some time to step back and take some rest, while the team got used to their new function. I got promoted to admin so Younisco no longer had the extra task of looking after the bug team.

Without the new moderators joining the bug team, the handling of bugs likely would've been decreased and possibly even stopped. Having a healthy bug team is crucial to test and forward bugs. Without having a proper bugs team, fixing bugs is useless as nothing will be forwarded.

I did a bug report from lucky islands a few months ago about Blessed on bedrock not working since overpowered mode was released (4 months ago) and it still doesn't work. I don't know if Blessed is working on java but voting for Blessed is practically voting for normal.
Is this bug considered low or high priority? If 4 months have passed and it still has not been solved, I suppose it will be a low priority? Although Lucky Islands in bedrock reaches 3 thousand players?
This is what we consider medium priority. Bugs can be high (game breaking, game cannot be played), medium (annoying but not game breaking) or low priority (barely even noticable in gameplay). We also decide wether something is a high priority depending if it is a featured game or a game with their own NPC. Featured games bugs will most of the time be logged as either medium or low as it has such a low player count that it is not really worth our development time. We try to focus on high priority bugs first. High priority bugs affect quite a big amount of our playerbase.

So I really want to know how mods forward bug reports, who do they send them to? How does the whole process work? all this makes me doubt if the bugs are really forward?
Bug team members forward bugs to our bugs board on Notion. Everyone relevant to bugs and their fixing has access to this board, yet it is not always natural for someone to look at the board. This has been something we have been looking into, as we noticed there weren't enough bug fixes.

I made a bug report about some loot inconsistencies in bedrock in February (when we had the another bug reporting system) my report was logged and 7 months later it has not been resolved. I understand that it may be a low priority but 7 months to fix two tiny inconsistencies?
I decided to do the same report now with the new system a few days ago and just copied the link and a moderator said "If the issue is logged there really is no reason to make a new report, it's just low priority." Well, if I had not directly copied the link, I am 100% sure that my report would have been accepted.
Loot inconsistencies are low priority for us. Loot inconsistencies do not effect the gameplay so it's something we'd rather look into after high and medium issues have been resolved, but as you have noticed, we are also struggling to resolve medium priority bugs.

If you would've reported the same issue but with different wordings it still would have been denied. Once a bug has been reported, we do not forward the same issue as that would clutter the board too much. Instead we have a property asking if the bug occurs rare, sometimes or all the time, which bug team members can answer if relevant.

Some moderators tell you to check #changelog in discord to find out when the bugs are fixed but I have noticed that many times they are fixed and it is not mentioned, a few days ago I made some parkour reports that were fixed, they were not mentioned in #changelog but camezonda answered my bug report saying that it had been solved which I really liked about the other system, that someone told you that it had already been solved and if you noticed that there were still bugs you could make another report
We do point out to developers that they should use changelog when fixing an issue, but unfortunately developers also sometimes forget to write up these changes and put them in the channel. If you did notice some change, don't feel bothered to ask a bug team member about it. Potentionally we could ask around who fixed the issue and get it forwarded to changelog anyway (:

I think many things would change if at the time a report is accepted the moderator told you if it is a low or high priority bug and an estimated time of when we could see a solution as Story has done in some planned suggestions he says "you can see this change within the next 4 months" for example.
If you find difficult to mention how long a bug could be fixed at least mention if it is low or high priority, in this way we do not get false hopes.
Unfortunately we will not be able to tell you how long it could potentionally take to fix a bug, as it is not something we can estimate. It all depends on how many new bugs get added to the board and how may of those are high or medium priority. Once we have found a working system, we might eventually say "We aim to fix bugs within 6 months", but that is something we have to discuss in the future and not someting we can promise right now, as we are still expermenting with new systems. We will also not be able to reveal priority as priorities can change a lot. I hope my explanation about high, medium and low priority has been clear enough for you guys to at least have some understanding of it. Sometimes we change a medium bug to high, as it has been there for a long time and is rather annoying for a player so i'd be better to get fixed asap. This way we're constantly shifting around in priorities.

Lobby takes about 5 seconds to load in,
This has been something that was forwarded yesterday and is something that will be looked into likey rather soon (:

Now I reported it again and it's closed and forwarded, but a month later it's still not fixed.
Drew already explained that we have been thinking about a new system to fix bugs quicker. Unfortunately this didn't work as much as we would've liked. We are still not fixing enough bugs as we want to, but it is something we're aware and actively looking into. I am sorry the issue is taking this long to get fixed, but it is not something we're able to change in a matter of days, so you'd likely need to wait a little longer before the issue gets fixed ):

I know this thread has derailed quite a lot, but I still wanted to address the issues mentioned in this thread. The lack of bugfixing is something we have acknowledged both from behind the scenes as well to the community, it also is something we're actively looking into and are trying to resolve. I am deeply sorry that people feel like we have been giving false hope, this was never our intention. The server team, including me, all hope that the issues regarding bug fixes can be resolved as soon as possible, but it will take some time. I just wanted to let you all feel heard, as we truly hear all of you and your feedback! I am very sorry for the inconvience this all has caused
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