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Should CubeCraft change the camping/teaming rules?

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    So I'm really mad now. Why? Because of this one EggWars strategy: Build to mid, get five diamonds, break your bridge and go back. AND CAMP. And the dumbest thing is that CubeCraft guidelines say camping is not allowed and will result in a kick. Well, for a kick to happen, a mod must be playing. And what is the chance of a mod playing EggWars? Slim to none. So that's why people just ignore the rule. I want CubeCraft to take action and do something with annoying campers that stall the game!
    Ok, next topic: Teamers in solo games. So everyone know that teaming in solo is outright admintting you're a n00b because you have to team to win. A big part respects the rule that teaming in solo is not allowed. A minor part doesn't. What does CubeCraft do with this? NOTHING. Whenever I report for teaming in solo, CubeCraft admins tell me "punishments are being overhauled", and can't do anything. Might I ask what kind of overhaul? Because my other reports get accepted. It feels like CubeCraft is defending the annoying, disobedient people.
    Please, communtiy, help CubeCraft notice this post!
    Here is video footage of an EggWars game which contained campers:

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    Yeah campers are so **************** annoying