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new quests

  1. Reesle

    Bedrock New Skyblock Island 6th Edition - Overworld: Mangrove Swamp 🐸

    Introduction: Hey all! Hope you’re having a good morning! Today’s “New Skyblock Island” will be regarding the implementation of a cool new “Mangrove Swamp” Island! It will be of similar length to my last suggestion of this type. Hope you like it! Mangrove Trees: The first thing I propose...
  2. Reesle

    Bedrock New Skyblock Island 5th Edition - Overworld: Frozen Ocean 🧊

    Introduction: Hey all! Hope you’re having a great evening! Tonight’s suggestion will not be as large as the last one, but will still have plenty of ideas! However, if you do not feel like reading it all, please at least take a look at the “summary” section near the bottom. Tonight, I will be...
  3. Reesle

    Bedrock Chains, Hanging Signs, and Lanterns + 3 New Quests

    Introduction: Hello everybody! Hope you’re enjoying your day! Today’s suggestion will be shorter than usual and will spotlight chain, hanging signs, lanterns, and new potential quests! Hope you like it! 🙃 Items: One thing that surprised me when Skyblock updated to 1.19 was the inability to...
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