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Video New Glass EggWar Strategy!


Aug 15, 2020
Ever since the Efficiency X pickaxe has been out in EggWar Overpowered mode, spleefing players and destroying egg defense will be 5x faster and easier! As soon as I saw how OP this pickaxe was, I decided to test what would happen if I tried breaking glass and hay bales, instead, this gave me a new strategy! Also, thank you to everyone who has helped support my channel for the past 2 months! We are now 100 subs away from 420! #laddergang



May 30, 2020
BCS, México, America, Earth.
Aa, cute Bedrock trying to catch up with strats
Now just notice that tnt is OP :banter:

Hey, TNT is good, for aerial raids, and to escape, it has many uses, tbh, I can found some.

When ur in the air and the other guy has blocks in the egg.
To left on a bridge so you can escape.
In normal overall, to keep the distance so you can gapple (TNT isn't friendly fire).

Is not that OP, but is good have some.

Good Video Aaron!.
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