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Need friends to play skywars with!


Feb 2, 2019
What version do you play on? I only play on bedrock as i hate 1.9 pvp, and the 1.8 pvp on cubecraft java isnt good tbh.
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Neat forum update! I'm going to get used to it that's for sure :)
In love with the new Forum! The makers did a good job! My little IT heart was pumping harder xD
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My OwO's and UwU's from the Test Forums didn't get carried over so it is my responsibility to continue the saga
Someone has told me @ItzEnd3r is going on threads he does not agree with and is replying vigorously in order to get them locked due to them ending up being "heated". Thoroughly disappointing. @ItzEnd3r if you are reading this, I suggest that you cease this nonsense or I have no choice but to report you.
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