My CCG story – sort of.

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    Seeing as everyone’s doing one. Mine isn’t that exciting but it counts as a story.

    I started playing minecraft in October 2013 (actually not very long ago) After discovering and visiting a lot of servers I found Cubecraft (when the lobby was the same as currently) That was back in the time when hunger didn’t work in SG (or was that just me?) I really enjoyed playing SG and SW (I’ve never really lost interest in them but have improved a lot) I couldn’t kill anyone and my bow skills were pretty bad.
    I also enjoyed the parkour. When I started I could barely do a 2 block jump (as I hadn’t realised I needed sprint).
    My multiplayer servers refreshed and I lost the IP it took me a long time to find it .In the meantime I went on another server that was about the same size as CCG and found creative. It was one of those servers that were filled with noobs and skin comps. I got annoyed with the spamming (and realised how poorly staffed it was).
    Then I found the CCG IP in March. I joined the creative server and god it was quiet. I decided to build as that’s all I really went to creative for. I was really impressed by how good the staff were at being staff.
    I joined the forums soon after (mar 17th). After 2 building apps that failed I turned to drawing peoples avatars- as I like drawing and helping people. I haven’t really established myself into the community- yet. But I’m on the forums like all the time except for night. I think I’ll donate as well to help this ‘family’ keep on going. I am so grateful for the friendliness and well just pure awesomeness of everyone. Thanks peeps.