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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by sirpacsalot, Aug 10, 2015.

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    I think that in our beloved Super Craft Bros, we should have more options. And we should make the wither less OP, or make it purchasable, or remove it entirely, but that was in another thread. Now, I know we have the usual, but I think that some are unbalanced. Now here is what I was thinking. We should start out with 5 options, and then unlock more with points, or maybe some are exclusive to the Iron rank, or something like that. Now, some others I was thinking of are...

    Pig - Porkchop with Knockback, and then its special ability is Revenge, in which something like it gains a better weapon to get revenge. It should have full leather, and its pink. And of course, the usual enchanted boots w/ Protection IV
    Iron Golem - Exclusive to Iron rank, A Rose (you figure out the enchants), and its ability should be a roundhouse kick.
    Enderdragon - Exclusive to Obsidian rank (maybe w/ Wither???), has speed and jump boost, special ability is Heal (endercrystal), and I don't know for its weapons, but it should have a ranged, too.
    Wither - Read "SCB Wither OP"
    Snow Golem - Unlock 1000 points - Infinite snowballs, Special ability is Freeze, freeze an opponent within a certain range, and its melee is a pumpkin.

    I hope you like these ideas!!

    I wanted to do this because the arcade shop was lonely... its just hide n seek...

    But please take this as a suggestion!!
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    Anything game-changing that is rank-exlusive is against the EULA. But I love the kit ideas.