More money walls map submissions!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Lezappen, Jun 22, 2016.

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    This thread is not a suggestion for the mods and admins of the server but of the players and anyone willing enough to create a map for money walls, unless of course they are willing to make a contest with this?
    So far there are only 3 maps to choose from :/ .
    So, to get you started if you consider making a map :

    Things I like about the current Money walls maps :
    - The themes are really good with the nice big structures and decorations, I like the mid in volcano.
    - Uneven terrain in the gold gen and iron gen areas, but not the diamond gen :/
    - A bottleneck opening into the wither king room
    - A nice distance between the different wither kings
    - A fair distance between generators.
    - The presence of natural hasards, like lava, cactus and big drops, that create damage but you can still survive from (but not death traps like falls to the void, or the falls from the top of prison towers)
    - The trails leading from the wither chamber to the generator rooms

    Things I don't particularly like :
    In Arctic/Prison : The ability for people to run around for 40 minutes before they either run out of food or their armour breaks, Obstacles/Terrain work really well against this.

    Themes I like :
    Themes based of well known games (Like the Tower Defence Portal map, which is epic btw)
    Original themes: In my opinion, themes that I'm tired of seeing are, Candy, Pizza, Chocolate, Pirates, Jungle, End ...
    Themes I like, Underwater, Steampunk, Moon bases, Futuristic (like Futurama), Apocalyptic (wastelands), Retro Games maps (Tron, Pacman...), Hell, Paint, Classroom, Fairies, The movie "Ice age" has a few good settings in it too, a creative theme makes a creative map :p

    Personally I think we need more maps with teams of 3 - 6 players.
    3-5 teams in total per map make for good games.

    Edit : Don't forget to use 1.9 features such as mob statues and such ;P
    I have created a base world to start you off, It's 200 by 200 with the different areas marked out:
    It's marked as the schematic, just unload it in your saves folder, and run it in 1.9 or higher

    Thread with extra ideas :

    Edit : as of the 20th of july ; thread locked as to avoid necro-posting
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    The themes are really cool, this thread is certainly helpful for anyone who is building a Money Walls map.
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