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Oct 18, 2016
Hello CubeCrafters!

All of you have probably seen @Lezappen's thread on how to make a good suggestion thread, the thread gives you a lot of information on how to create a good suggestion for the CubeCraft community. Today, I’m reposting an updated version of the thread, easier to read and new helpful information to help you create the best possible suggestion thread.

📝 First things first...

Before posting a suggestion try to do your research if there aren’t any up-to-date threads similar to yours. If no one else has posted a similar idea recently, feel free to create a new suggestion thread yourself. If there already is a suggestion thread similar to yours, then you should try to provide the thread with detailed feedback. Please avoid posting on threads which have been in-active for at least 3 weeks.

(@iLuvQwls) Good Feedback:
I think this is a great idea, but it should be toggleable. If people want their stats to be kept private, I think that should be an option. Overall tho this is a great idea :)

Bad Feedback:
I do not like this -1

💡 Suggestion time!

You have done your research and came to the conclusion that there aren’t any suggestion threads similar to your idea. Good job, you may now start on your own thread.

Personally, I use Google Document or Word in order to get my suggestion ready for the forums. I really recommend this as it can easily be saved on a cloud and you can always work on it when you’ve got some spare time.

Firstly, you start off with a title, obviously this is very important because this is the first thing people see. When people see your title, they should be encouraged to click on it! Make a title that describes as briefly as possible the main idea behind your suggestion, and people need to grasp the main idea of your suggestion by reading the title.

Secondly, you will need to introduce your suggestion to the forums. Try to describe your suggestion as much as you can in between 4 to 10 lines. People need to get a good understanding of your idea before you can start explaining the details.

This is the part where you try to explain your suggestion as much as you can, and please make sure it’s very detailed. If you’re suggesting a new minigame, this is the place to explain how it works and what the rules are. If you are suggesting new features this is the place where you list them out and explain how they work in as much detail as possible!

It is important not to make this one big block of text as people would just skip it, so structure your suggestion to make it readable!
  • Structure your suggestion.
    • Make titles and paragraphs, divide your suggestion into different sections!
    • Don't hesitate to use colours, but don't overuse them as it may get messy.
    • Use spoilers when you want to go into specific details about one item, so it doesn't take up the whole thread, people also have the choice to read those specifics if they chose to.
    • Use indentations, giving people the choice to go into details or not is important, put the most important information closer to the left and the specifics closer to the right
    • Use spaces, when you move from one point to the other add a line break between them as people would skip the whole paragraph if they get bored of the first two lines.

  • Try and anticipate questions that users will be asking about your suggestion and answer them before hand, this could include:
    • What is it?
    • What does it do?
    • Why is it needed?
    • What problems does it fix?
    • Why is that feature like that and not like this?

In this section you will try to explain the pro’s and con’s of your suggestion, possible extra features that could be added, a list of sources if you were inspired by other threads.

  • Make your post readable and not too hard on the eyes, this means avoid using caps lock, vivid colours or the underline, or bold and italics at the same time.
  • Optionally, illustrate your suggestion with videos and images to further get your idea across.
  • Add a friendly message at the end inciting users to reply and react to your suggestion.

Tags allow us to search and find your thread when looking for suggestions related to a certain topic, they increase the threads visibility during these searches and improve the chances of the suggestion being implemented.

  • vanity
  • skywars
  • forums
  • hats
  • eggwars
  • kits
  • boots


You can select a prefix based on what your suggestion is for. Are you suggesting something for Discord, then you obviously choose the Discord prefix.


Polls allow people to vote whether they like the suggestion without commenting on the thread itself. Polls are not a must but they could be very helpful, since not everyone is interested in leaving a comment.

You will have the ability to display votes publicly, close them after a certain amount of time, single or multiple choice and even allow people to change their votes.

Add a poll.png

You can also attach files such as pictures and videos, this could help explain your suggestion even more and possibly help get your suggestion implemented into the game.

Attach Files.png

📜 Respect the forum rules!

A big must is to respect the forum rules at all times, if you break them, there will be consequences!

All server chat rules are also enforced on the forums.

  • No inappropriate/offensive content of any kind. (This includes swearing.)
  • No bullying of any kind.
  • No posting of videos recorded on or promoting other servers.
  • No Necro-posting. This is replying to threads which haven't been posted on within 3 weeks. They are not allowed to be revived. Does not apply to news posts, games, map submissions or introduction threads.
  • Do not argue with/harass staff. They work hard to keep the server running smoothly.
  • No asking for confidential staff-only information like release dates, IP histories of users, etc.
  • No petition threads.
  • No like farming/message farming.
  • No pointless threads/posts. This includes posts unrelated to the topic, excessive bumping, derailing threads, etc.
  • No more than 2 bump posts in a topic. A "bump post" is one that has no content and only serves to bring the topic up to the top of a category.
  • Please don't repeat active threads. You may open a new thread discussing the same topic if the previous thread has been locked due to inactivity or hasn’t been active for 3 weeks.
  • The creation of multiple accounts is prohibited. This is to stop users from being banned on one and attempting to bypass these sanctions. This is also to avoid trolling and spam accounts. Bans are at the discretion of our staff members and management.
  • Trolling on the forums is not allowed. Taking an action with the sole purpose of annoying, upsetting, or bullying another forum user is strictly prohibited. This could be by what you post, your username, signature etc.

All network rules can be found HERE.

💻 BBCode Information

You can also create a thread using the BBCode, read all about it here:

Bold: [b]bolded text[/b]
Italics: [i]Italicized text[/i]
Underline: [u]underlined text[/u]
Strikethrough: [s]strikethrough text[/s]
Code block: [code]monospaced text [ /code]
Centered text: [center] Centered text [/center]
     [*]Entry 1
     [*]Entry 2

🖨️ Suggestion Thread Template




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