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Sep 3, 2020
Yoshi's Valley
Line Dash is truly a work of art . The graphics and gameplay of line dash are truly revolutionary . The controls and gameplay are extremely user friendly . There is no game out there like Line Dash . I found myself playing Line Dash for 900 hours straight without even realising . All the grinding pays off too , because i can get into Harvard without much effort once i tell them I'm on a line dash leaderboard . I would definitely recommend Line Dash to every serious hardcore gamer out there . Line Dash has a better story and plot and a much better cinematic experience than any Oscar winning movie . Line Dash is God's work in disguise . We need Line Dash 2 right now . If i had to rate this game out of 5 stars i would say it deserves every star in the entire cosmos . Hearing the noises from Line Dash my grandmother asked me '' Am i in heaven already ? '' Hats , shoes , jackets and clothes off to this masterpiece of a game . My enlightenment was inexplicable bewildering for coming across line dash . I am happy i was able to witness it's creation in my life time . There are 0 flaws with line dash ... it has redefined video games for the greater good . I usually can spot a flaw very easily , but this game is different .... It changed me as a person . Seeing me play line dash , my cousin rose from the grave . On behalf of humanity , i thank the legend who thought of line dash . This game is soo stunning , it makes the Witcher 3 and every game in the Elder Scrolls franchise look like hot garbage . This was the best thing every created in 2020 . I was struggling with anxiety and stress before i found Line Dash .. it truly changed my life and I'm the owner of Microsoft now . Thank you line dash for helping me through my dark days . Cutting edge graphics and edge-of-the-seat gameplay . Line dash helped fix my marriage with my wife and i can now speak 500 languages and am living in a mansion on Mars . 10000/10 would recommend .

I have a morning ritual that I need to share. I call it " the line dasher ". First I crouch down in the shower in the classic " line dash sprinting with the coloured trail behind you " pose. With my eyes closed I crouch there for a minute, visualizing me running at lighting fast speed like sonic in minecraft with the coloured trail behind me and I'm killing people . I start to hum the Minecraft c418 theme for full effect . Then I slowly rise to a standing position and open my eyes to see my kills and whether i won the match . It helps me to proceed through my day as an line dashing loving hero. The only problem is if the shower curtain sticks to my leg It ruins the fantasy.

It breaks my heart that they removed Line Dash from Cubecraft and i was inconsolable when i first heard about it . Line Dash is an underrated masterpiece and deserves to be recognized by the larger public . What more could you ask a game for ? I have been taken into hospice care since the beginning of the launch of line dash as i am in a hyper suspended state of disbelief and shock and awe at the sheet magnitude of the amazing quality of this humble and fully tantalizing game . I would consider nominating it for the Noble Peace Prize ... because i believe if there's one thing that can bring world peace , It's Line Dash . It's on a different level ... it's like line dash was crafted by God and sent down as a gift to us sad miserable humans

Line Dash is peak gaming . '' Game of the Year Candidate , better than Red Dead Redemption 2 '' - IGN

Line Dash is Love , Line Dash is life . It made me realise things that aren't meant to be noticed by mere mortals . If you would take this game back , 20 years .. no maybe even 10 years , People would be amazed at how far humanity Progressed . Whoever says line dash is bad is a dumb ignorant bowl of soggy Rice Krispies . I always cry thinking about Line Dash now ... i sob tears of sorrow because i won't be able to play it again ... but tears of joy because i was able to witness it's creation in my life time . I showed my current wife my line dash leaderboard statistics and she married me without any further questions . I used to play it when i woke up and right before i sleep . Thank you Cubecraft for blessing us with this Sacred Magnum Opus .

Thank you For Line Dash ... it will be missed .


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Mar 18, 2020
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