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Jun 1, 2017
Tel Aviv, Israel
I've been playing a lot of SkyWars lately and can't help but notice a bug in lava and water bucket placement. I use water buckets to get high ground a lot and end up falling into the void a few times because the water doesn't place. If someone could fix this it would be greatly appreciated.


Apr 5, 2020
The Far Lucky Islands
If you have a full evidence of this bug then report it via one of these links
https://reports.cubecraft.net/bug_report/ for Java
And https://cbecrft.net/bedrockbugs for bedrock
Make sure you also complete these questions to helo staff figure out the error
- Game? e.g. Skywars.
- Title? e.g. Game not finishing.
- Version? Your version that you are using.
- Evidence? Video evidence is preferred, but screenshots will suffice where applicable.
- How often does this bug occur? e.g. Rarely.
- Description of the bug: e.g. Sometimes, games do not finish in Skywars.
- Who does this bug affect? e.g. Everyone.
- Were you using any client modifications or Vanilla? e.g. I was only using Vanilla, no mods etc.
- How do you recreate the bug? e.g. You need to...
- What was your /whereami output? e.g. game_g0hy8 or game_1234.
- Where in the lobby or map is the issue? e.g. In the main lobby near the swimming pool near the beach.
- Did any error messages come up? e.g. Yes, I got an "Internal error" message in chat.
- What date and time did the bug happen? e.g. mm/dd/yyyy.
- What device were you using? e.g PC, iPhone, Android phone, Xbox.
- What platform were you using? e.g Windows 10, PE, Xbox, Switch.
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