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Bedrock Knockback test server

Is this a good idea?

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Void Krun

Jul 2, 2020
In the void
I have mentioned this in the call and a few threads but I think there should be a side server only accessible to VIPs where you can go and test then give your opinion and feedback on knockback that may be used on the server. I think this will be better then just describing knockback as many players don’t have a chance to test what it would be like on java. It would also be better to only be for VIPs as no hackers could go and ruin things.

The best way to do the server would probably be to use 3 modes.
Mob knockback - You just hit a mob around a flat bit of land.
Bot knockback - You get a bot that moves round a bit and hits you every so on as to show what a eggwars squads nons are like.
Duels - Mainly sumo or a combo mode where you just have loads of resistance and regen and you hit each other over some flat bits of land.

Anyway thats my idea or whatever.
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