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Aug 21, 2021
super smash flash 2
COME ON just bring it back i just miss it a lot now also add it to bedrock because I mean why not? WHY THE HECK NOT AHHH Tower defense on bedrock would get tons of players and you just have to copy the code from Java. I want to play it with my friend who has BE but not Java actually he has Java now but THE GAME IS GONE which makes me very angry and upset. also Bedrock has 50x the players so more games added = more hype and it was just a fun game so just bring it back please I know you wanna


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Apr 9, 2020
Czech Republic
The reason why CC removed tower defense and other gamemodes is low player count, that makes it slower to start new games. If they will add tower defense again, the players will split into one more game group and due to this games will be starting slower. This may potentially hurt CubeCraft Java as players may leave because of this possible long waiting time.

And within Bedrock I think it would be very hard or nearly impossible to move all features that are on TD Java to Bedrock because of different code used on both versions.
Also, right now they are working on 1.19 update so it's not very likely that they will be considering this in nearest future.
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May 2, 2016
To add on to what was said above, as mentioned in the 1.19 thread here, there may be a chance for old gamemodes such as tower defence to come back once it is certain that games are able to start in all times as mentioned in the FAQ spoiler :)
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