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Introducing the Translator rank!


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Apr 10, 2018
Sofia, Bulgaria

Suuurprise, CubeCrafters! Suurprise, CubeCraft Games Translation Team!

Today we are excited to welcome the new addition to our CubeCraft Games staff team!

What is a translator?

We are confident that every one of you has already heard of our wonderful translation team, aiming to achieve one great goal of the community: making CubeCraft more accessible to people all over the world.

Since its inception, the translation team has continuously been filling up with members with the burning desire to make this server more enjoyable to the community, and to help the staff team to improve the network. These shared goals of theirs pulled them together into a tight-knit group where they can find supportive friends and teammates. Friends who are always there whenever you need to talk to someone, or to chill out a bit. Teammates who spend hours contributing toward team goals, use effective communication to improve the workings of the team, keep it organized, and provide a lot of high quality results for the server.

All that hard work transformed the team into one of the greatest achievements of the community. The team keeps bringing the server pride, and is an opportunity for the CubeCraft community to show off its hard working, kind hearted, and caring members.

This new voluntary staff role was introduced as a gesture of recognition to the hardest working and best behaved members of the team. It’s there to drive the team toward ever greater goals, and to ensure the continuous delivery of high-quality results.

Achieving a promotion

Achieving a promotion to Translator is only possible for members of the CubeCraft Translation Team. If you are interested in becoming one of us, then I have some good news for you! We are actively looking for new additions to our team. More information on how to apply can be found HERE.

After becoming a member of the team, you will need to work towards achieving the promotion by contributing to the team, proving to be a good role model to the community and having good interactions with it.

As a Translator, you will be representing our staff team, translation team, and community. We want kind, responsible and hardworking members who have proven to be devoted to the cause of the translation team!

Translator Perks & Responsibilities

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for... What are the perks of the role and what will translators be required to do?

Java Edition:
- A shiny Translator rank.
- Obsidian rank perks.
- Free PLUS subscription.
- Access to /nick.
- Unlimited friend slots.

- The responsibility to answer any questions related to translations that the members of the community may have. This includes questions related to the translation team, translator applications, the translation process of CubeCraft Games, and so on.

- The responsibility to remain active on the translation team and participate in the translation process of this CubeCraft Edition!​

Bedrock Edition:
- A shiny Translator rank.
- Access to all CubeCraft Games Bundles.

- The responsibility to answer any questions related to translations that the members of the community may have.

- The responsibility to remain active on the translation team and participate in the translation process of this CubeCraft Edition!​

CubeCraft Games Forums:
- A shiny Translator rank.
- All perks that come with the PLUS subscription.

- The responsibility to answer any questions related to translations that the forum community may have. The permission to lock threads after dealing with those questions or issues.

- The responsibility to monitor the forums for any good suggestions related to the translation team or translation process of the server. The permission to Escalate the suggestions they liked the most!

- The permission to edit forum threads to help improve or implement forum translations.​

CubeCraft Games Discord:
- A shiny Translator rank.
- The Nitro Booster perks that come with every staff rank.

- The responsibility to answer any questions related to translations in #staff-help.

- The responsibility to assist every member of the Moderation team that needs help with solving a language issue - translations of reports, appeals, communicating with a player who speaks another language, and so on. We may not currently have a Moderation team that is fluent in languages all over the world, but we have a team of trusted translators that can help us solve this issue and avoid making mistakes while handling situations with other languages.​

Translator Applications > https://cbecrft.net/TranslationTeam

That is everything for now, thank you everyone for reading! Be sure to congratulate our future Translators!


Apr 16, 2020
Hey you, yes you, if you are looking forward to become a translator and going to apply for the discord server, good luck! ^^

I know so many people will visit this thread so I am wishing good fortune now. Best of luck from the past to you!
Thank me later if you get accepted hehe
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Mar 4, 2019
Uhm... I don't understand why translators need a especify rank and access to /nick...

They already have more permissions than a helper... With this, now, many of applicants are gonna applying for the rank and perks, not for helping out, besides that, now the tab will full of red colour which was admin colour and it will cause confusion... Are you telling me seriously that a stone who joined few days ago if apply for translator rank he'll get all this perks...?

I think is a really bad idea... And I don't say it cuz I'm not anymore in the team, Even If would still in the team, I would say thousand times no. What's next? Access to /sc, /vanish...? From now on most of people could abuse of /nick and nobody will recognise anyone/if there's some toxic player who get the rank (Apparently a staff member) and begin being toxic toward others, what image would give to the staff team? And yes I've read the full thread as discord announcement, now, the question is: Do you really think some players will respect it? Power shows the true personality of people, there was a few cases of corrupt staffs which are more controlled than the translators, what will cause this?

Yes, I know I'm annoying with this, but it really concerns me about what will happen. And other thing that concerns me, will still people buying ranks?...

I thought with the stars system (translators can understand me) we had all.

{Edit} As I can see, some staff members didn't know this...? (This is just an observation)

Elena, I'm thankful for all you've done, and every person who I met in the past 2 months, Is thanks to you and Eli, but this is a disagree. I don't want you take this as a criticism to you (although seems it) is just my opinion.

In fact, you're one of the best manager I ever meet.
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