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I leik Zombiez make Zombiez Server on Cuebcwaft :3


May 2, 2014
I leik Zombiez ( As you may have guessed ) so what I'm sayin here is that a new minigame shud be created abowt zombiez.

There wil be different survival maps where 20 players will spawn serperately in random locations. There will be a Zombie Leader ( A player ) who will run around chasing the players and killing them. Once a player is dead they will become a Skeleton who will also try to kill players. Dead players will respan in a random location as a Skeleton. The surviver receives 25 points for winning and everytime a player dies, the others that are still alive get a point ( leik skywars ). If you are dead and you kill a player you get 2 points.


Every player playing has speed 1 and jump 1.
Leader zombie has Strength 5
Skeletons have Streangth 3

Class for Players.

Magic stick - Knockback 2 - 500 points - Throws back undead

Bow and Arrow - Infinity 1 - 800 points - Spam to hold back or intercept undead

Barrier - Wood Block - 700 points - Block passages so undead can't reach you. Zombies can break them. Class gives you 10

IRON+ : Splash potions - 600 points - 3 of healing, 3 of damage and 3 of poison. Only works onn undead

GOLD+ : Ghost - 500 points - Potions of invisibility last 3 minutes. You get 3

Once the winner has received his points it restarts.


P.S I leik ponies


May 1, 2014
The Void
Pretty sure strengt 3 is op as well, depending on the armor and weapon used. And isn't 9 minutes of being invisible in a corner enough to win you the game? ...
Apr 15, 2014
Im pretty Sure Cubecraft used to have a minigame called Zombie house? Im not sure if im talking about another server here....But im pretty sure Cubecraft had a minigame Named Zombie house But then it was removed
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