Hunger Games Pt 2

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Would you like Hunger Games to...

  1. Have all of the annoying bugs fixed.

  2. Have the gamemode not fixed at all. :(

  3. Have the gamemode completely re-made with new maps and new lobby.

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  1. RobbyLuigi8

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    Hello! I'm back and I would like to ask something. Can you please fix the Hunger Games Servers. If there was a gamemode that people would like to be updated it would be Hunger Games (or money walls). Now I know that one of your best games is Egg Wars, but people play the other games too, like the previously mentioned Money Walls. However, I believe Hunger Games deserve it more because of the infamous bug where some players won't go to the arena and just stay in the pre-game lobby. If you would look at the photo, you would see that some players are stuck where they have to leave the game or wait to get killed. This is the second time seeing it and I (and many, MANY other people also) would like to see this gamemode fixed.

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  2. iLoveYouu

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    The developers are working on a massive update for Survival Games, I'm not sure when the server will actually get updated, but please stay patient and I'm sure it'll update soon.