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May 9, 2020
referring to forwarded thread https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/296678/, with 35 agrees and multiple mods disagreeing.
in response to https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/hit-sounds.299161/post-1395511.

Note that both threads are tagged "bedrock".

This has been an ongoing issue with the bedrock network. This update, months ago, was completely unnecessary.

The biggest argument for the removal of hit sounds is "I don't like the sound" or "it annoys me". There have been multiple alternatives posted in the replies of those threads with other ways to remove these sounds without a server-wide removal.
These include:
  • Texture packs
  • The in-game setting "player sounds"
  • A setting within the server to choose your preference
The biggest argument for hit sounds to be added back is that it is impossible to record and report macros (or anything violating rule 1.3), one of the most common cheats used on the network currently. It is surprising and disappointing that some mods don't support adding the sounds back as they are there to moderate the server and handle rule-breakers.

It is also impossible to re-enable the sounds as they are disabled server-side. As mentioned above, there are 2 ways to disable it client-side.

The thread with 35 agrees should have fixed this issue, but some mods "are still discussing it" apparently.
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