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Nov 22, 2021
First of all, i would like to specify that i'm a french player, so it might have some mistakes in my suggestion.
To be honest i love your server, particularly Lucky blocks game. Most of the time a game run for 5min, but sometimes, when you don't have tracker player the game can last after a lonnng time. I know tracker player exist but because of the people that fall in void and because of chance it happens that we don't have tracker players to find the last enemies. Here is the video of the game:
(be carefull the sound is sometimes very bad to ear) . Watch the whole video if you think a 20m lucky blocks is not too long... (increase the video speed), i watch in all graves, i opened all lucky blocks i didn't find Tracker player. Fortunately at the end, you can see i saw 2 dirt blocks inside a stone mountain. I put a TNT, they were hiden and sneaking under the dirt. I won the game anyway but it was a very long game and it was very annoying to look for them.
Here is the point, my suggestions are: - to add a "tracker kit" with a tracker player to start, so we could find some in graves more often or select it.
- take damages when you sneak too long (when you make crits you use sneak but if it's a 5min cooldown of "allowed" sneak the player can't hide him but he can easily make lot of crits)
- destroy the islands so the only way to survive is to be on the middle island
- after 10min of game (because most of games last for 5-6min usually) give the coords of each player in chat (every min), so if someone is running he doesn't care because everyone can see him, but someone hiding would be obligate to leave his hiding place.

Thank you for your answers,
see you on cubecraft :)


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Jan 27, 2021
My mothers basement :/
i rlly like this suggestion but there is one thing ... we cant see cords on cubecraft but it would be good to add them just because of this. I think this things can be implemeted in skywars too
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