Harsher Punishments For Cross Teaming

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by SP3NC3RXD, Jun 4, 2016.

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    I've made 3 reports in the last 3 days for individuals that decided they will cross team with their friends and ruin other players fun on the server. I'm not that guy that likes to makes reports, but for cross teaming specifically, the punishments aren't cutting it.

    My suggestion is cross teaming should be a permanent ban.

    Why? They don't learn their lesson. I'll admit it, I used to cross team a long time ago on other servers. I didn't care about getting punished for it cause I knew it would be a harmless 2 day ban. So what?

    We all know what I'm talking about too. Why would it matter if you're only gonna get a temporary punishment when you could just go back on after it's up to do it again? I mean heck, if it's such a small punishment, why shouldn't we all not do it?

    Answer is, most of us respect the rules. Some of us actually want other players to have fun and player fairly.

    People who do cross team know they are breaking the rules. It's no newsflash for them. They know it's wrong but they'll do it anyway.

    My idea from this is maybe if you guys have a harsher punishment, less people will take the chance and cross team. I guarantee it will cut down the cross teaming reports on the forums, and you can hold my word for that. If people know their punishment will be permanent and they can never get back on to do it again, they won't take the chance in the first place. Obviously, there will always be that one player who decides to test everyone and thinks they are invincible, and they will learn the hard way.

    I hope you guys take this into consideration because I know I'm not the only player who feels this way. Many other players out there feel like this is a big problem as well.


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    As for now, the punishment is a kick. That's only because our new punishment system is in the works. Hopefully soon, there will be an acceptable punishment for teaming and everything else, along with a clearer set of rules with less gray areas.
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