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Oct 20, 2013
Hello, would you like to create a map for CubeCraft that could feature on both Java and Bedrock?
In this thread I will explain how to submit a map.

The title of the thread must include the game name and map name.
For example: [SKYWARS] Elixir

When creating a map submission you must attach a poll asking:

"Should this map be added?"
The poll cannot be biased in any way

You must attach images of your creation using 'upload a file'.
The screenshots must use default vanilla textures and cannot include any shaders.
Please take a top view, side view, overview. All the views.

You must include a brief description about the map,
This could explain how many chests, generators on each island etc.

You must attach your username and people involved in the creation of the map

You do not need to include a download link

When the management team decide they would like to add it, if it has enough support from both the community and design team then we will add it when convenient. We will let you know your map submission has been accepted we will not give you any information when it will be released until you see the news thread crediting your name.

The map can only use 1.9 blocks. We do not support higher versions on our network.
No concrete, barrels, coral etc

We do not accept assassination map submissions, so please to not submit any.

Assassins fans I know this sucks to hear but the configuration is simply too complex for a normal user and the gameplay mechanics have to be designed in a specific way, due to unpopularity it is unlikely we will release another map for this gamemode. So we can better invest time and resources of our team, into more pressing future projects.


- Map name:
- Creator(s) of map:
- Description of map:

Include poll and images

Warning: Plagiarising other creators content will get you removed from our forums!
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