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Fishing In Skywars


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Mar 18, 2017
Hey everybody!

Today, I went to fish with @LibeTy (Liibe), a good friend of mine!
I tried it earlier with @Kloska but I had to go for a while, and this time, it went better.
Here's my fishy story!

So we joined the map Flowers and somehow were the last two players, so we made the middle look prettier

It was quite cosy and the first good thing Liibe caught was this bow:

Then Liibe found a Liibepad and the pond looked a little bit nicer

I caught another bow and we combined it to this one

Soon after that, our sugarcane finally grew! (we got sugarcane from breaking dirt, it's a perk)

Then I caught a flame bow and we got this amazing thing

Liibe broke some more dirt and we got more sugarcane

After a while, this was our loot from the dirt and fishing (the book had Blast Protection IV and Sharpness III)

Sadly, all stories end, and this one ends because Liibe had to go : (

Liibe still left a present for me and I loved it

At the end, I tried to get the achievement where you have to kill someone from 50 blocks away, so we decided that I was going to kill Liibe with the amazing bow, but I suck at shooting

Eventually, I got it

Thanks for reading!
This was a fun thing to do and we should do it with a lot of people!​
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