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Every program opens with.. Bit.torrent and can't fix it...

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CubeCraft melhor server mais no bedrock... melhorar esse anticheat
RobijnDn wrote on Megaaa's profile.
Megaaaa Mindy :O
Megaaa wrote on RobijnDn's profile.
Robijn doet de was bij...
crypticCub3r631 wrote on Infiniti9972's profile.

been doing it since 2016, avg 13-15 seconds, PB 7.865.

i'm imagining that the cube on ur pfp is a valk (i LOVE that cube) because of the hollow corners... although i'm not sure
crypticCub3r631 wrote on Fisktratt's profile.
u a speedcuber?

sune or antisune?
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