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Apr 12, 2023
One of the most exciting features on Cubecraft are the FFA elytra maps (Flowers and Space), which are maps designed for players to fly around using elytra wings. These maps offer a thrilling and unique experience, allowing players to soar through the air and navigate through various obstacles and challenges. The maps come in different themes and difficulty levels, catering to players of all skill levels and preferences.

, it has been reported that CubeCraft has removed the ONLY two elytra maps.. This has caused so much disappointment among so many players.

Reasons why we need FFA Elytra maps back:
Do people realise how many tricks you can learn and how many exploits you can find on these maps? It's so much more fun than normal ground map pvp.
2. The FFA Elytra maps had their own community. Tons of people were basically in the lobby everyday waiting for an elytra map to pop up. They were not very common, but once they appeared it was filling pretty good.
3. Its not only about a specific community who wants it back. But so many new casuals joined the maps because its something you never saw before on other servers.
4. I am sure so many people are willing to come back and play the old elytra maps or even a new one if cube decides to make one :)
5. It was a fast way to get kills on FFA. If we compare elytra maps to the ground maps people can make kills so much faster and shoppers are less overpowered because they can be hit into the void very easily.
6. Most of the leaderboard players are players who only played or mostly played the elytra maps and they now quit sadly...

Known players like blocky12, losttaggotbanned and Onmogelijk even made forum posts that they want the maps back and many other high leaderboard players because its so unique and nice! Not only leaderboard players want it back, even the casuals were complaining about it on the forums and in discord. The support to get them back is so massive Cubecraft! Its not only about the old players. If cubecraft decides to bring the maps back. I'm sure it will bring also more new players back, just like it did in the past when they still existed.

(also a lot of people were asking to add elytra maps on bedrock, so why not add them there too)

Leave your thoughts down in the comments!

Please Cubecraft!


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Jul 19, 2022
As a self-proclaimed FFA sweat, I completely agree. These maps were never empty and were so much fun to play on. Aerial combat had something very exciting to it: the small hitboxes, the high speeds, the insane bowshots you would sometimes hit... The elytra movement is very enjoyable as well, I remember practicing different angles and dives in order to fly onto the clouds on flowers or into the airplane on space.
I have no clue why cube hasn't tried making another elytra map, and it baffles me that they removed the old maps: they were easily two of the most popular maps and indeed had their own communities. In these maps it was also much harder to get unfairly targetted, making them less vulnerable to toxicity and more accessable for newbies.
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