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    Hello, people of all ages and genders and ethical groups.

    My name is Ninja_Assassin, and I am starting off with this very bad introduction, so lets get to my point: I have suggestions that would probably help people a lot with their experiences specifically for Eggwars. However, some of my suggestions may target other games as well, but I would like to point these out. Let's get to it.

    1. Parties
    I believe having parties with people is something that most people would agree with. With these parties, we could communicate specifically in a party chat and be able to join games by having a party leader joining one and with other people joining the same game simultaneously instead of having each individual click the same sign. Also, this can prevent people from accidentally joining the wrong game, as the party leader is the only one required to click the proper sign.

    2. Map Board Set-Up
    I think there should be a different way in how the board should be set up. Instead of having randomized maps loaded onto the board, there should be a certain sign for a specific map. With this, people can freely play their favorite maps. Having a sign for each map should allow for a quicker joining method rather than waiting for a specific map to pop up or having to switch lobbies. By having them organized by the size of teams, there should be an overall better experience for people. Also, if a player joins a map and is the first one, there could be a map that is loaded quickly, making way for a new game. With this, players can enjoy the experiences of their favorite map 202819749732 times over.

    3. Overpowered
    In my opinion, overpowered should be removed in general. This, to me, is a good idea because in overpowered, the gear is insanely cheap and powerful. If two people with the same gear or slightly different gear fought, the only way to kill them is usually by making them fall or breaking their armor. Then reacquiring the gear takes little to no effort considering the insanity of the prices. Now, I know overpowered adds unique experiences, but they seem to exaggerate games quite a bit. Also, since only gold+ can vote, this makes players uncomfortable when everyone prefers normal, but that one gold wants overpowered. From my experiences, overpowered caused games to last an average of an hour, 30-45 minutes more than when I played normal. Although there are some games which overpowered games have been short, the majority seem to take longer. Overall, many people dislike overpowered and would prefer not to play it. Since only gold+ donors can vote, it would be best to either allow voting for everybody or remove overpowered (which is preferable by me).

    4. Personal Games
    I believe there should be an option to create a personal game with friends. Since I play with a somewhat large group of people, I like to play exclusively with them sometimes. However, this is not possible considering that other people can join a game that I want to play with my friends. With this option, people can play with their friends in any map instead of resorting to cross-teaming to get rid of the other team to have a map to themselves. Since this is a big change (if made), it should be exclusive to iron+ or something like that. With this, players can satisfy themselves then they go scramble their friends' eggs with a pixelated sandstone block, knock them off, and say, "Nice iron you got there. Too bad it's in the void."

    5. 1.8 PvP
    I request the return of 1.8 PvP! Oh, my beloved sword that once had no timer on it. This is just a preferable suggestion, because I'm used to 1.9 PvP now. But I would like the good old days of spamming that diamond pickaxe that is as powerful as a stone sword in my opponents' heads (which was my most used tactic: Pick Rush). If this was added, I would love that.

    That's all the suggestions I have. Feel free to criticize me. I typed this on a whim after the start of a maintenance. Bye everyone. Love you!


    P.S: If I were to choose one suggestion to have done, it would be Personal Games.
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    1. I believe parties is something that will come out soon.
    2. I'm kind of indifferent because I don't really have a preference on a map.
    3. Overpowered will not get removed. Some people have bought ranks purely to vote for Overpowered in Eggwars, and they may feel scammed afterwards.
    4. This has been suggested before, and has gotten a lot of support. We can only assume that they're taking it into consideration.
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    If you followed the forums, you would know a lot of these things are soon to come or are already there. 1.8 PvP is already there, you can log into the server on a 1.8 client and play Egg Wars and Skywars 1.8. Overpowered will probably not be removed because a lot of people love it. A party system is in the works and is coming soon. If you want to play a specific map, buy a rank, if we make it available to all players, donors will feel scammed. For personal games, I would like to see something along those lines for sure.
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    I've seen this topic come up quite a bit in my time of being on CCG. I know it's been talked about and I'm sure the staff would love to make it happen though, there are more important things that need to be worked on first.

    I think this is a nice idea. Though, sometimes it can be fun and banterous when you have to wait for a specific map to come up on the board. (or you can buy the cheapest rank and be able to use the npc)

    I've seen some people dislike OP. Though, I've seen many many more love/spam for OP to be chosen. Also, some prefer longer games. I know it's been suggested before, when others have suggested removing OP, but if you know someone voted for OP then leave the lobby and try again. We can't really make voting available for everyone as it's the major perk in our premium ranks. The backlash the staff would get would be horrible.

    Something like this would be nice, though from what I've seen, most games take more players to start/play than most groups have. So, something like this would be difficult for games like Egg wars or Skywars.

    This is already around. As others have posted in the thread before me, you can join in 1.8. All it takes for you to get there is to join Cubecraft using a 1.8 client. Currently, the only games playable in 1.8 are Egg Wars and Skywars.
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    1) I completely agree that there should be some type of party system. +1
    2) I really like the randomized maps so I'm neutral with this.
    3) I LOVE Op and it's part of the reason I got the gold rank. Sometimes I enjoy playing the long game.
    4) Personal games could be a cool option. +1
    5) You can already do 1.8 pvp! Personally I love 1.9 pvp more :)
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    I agree with 1.
    I'm on the fence with 2. The perk for premiums is that they get to choose the map they want from the NPC, and guess what? You can cross that off from the meager list of perks already. Sometimes the map that you want isn't even in the selector.
    4 I think should honestly be a Diamond or Emerald+ perk, considering how unique the experience is. Paying 14 bucks for a private server? No thanks.
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    1 Is a good idea, 2 just buy iron rank, the NPC is there for a reason, 3 NO, people are going to feel scammed and not everyone hates OP 4 I would really like to see this being added 5 already exists

    That's my opinion
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    I'm so sorry. I meant to put triple and double health. I was sort of sleep deprived that day, and I just read this. Yeah, OP is an okay mode, but what kills all game modes, in general, is the fact that there is a possible health boost. To me, OP and Triple Health is CANCER. Games would be overly extended, and overall it just makes me feel annoyed that I have to go through it, and I'm usually too lazy to leave after that. Plus, it also counts as a loss if you leave right before the match starts. I'm not going into detail on this topic, but you and other people will probably get the gist of this. I know you said that some people only buy donor ranks for this specific thing, but I'm just suggesting. This is not me trying to force the staff to obey my will. Anyways, thanks for reading this and have a wonderful life! ;^)