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Apr 23, 2020

Hello CubeCrafters!

We are bringing an update to our most iconic game mode: EggWars!
Today we're incredibly excited to launch the Beta for this massive overhaul. The beta is available exclusively on Java in the team mode only. Statistics and the leaderboard will not carry over, Beta mode has it's own statistics & leaderboard! All of the content stated on this thread, is only in EggWars Beta, for now.

Your feedback will be vital in making sure we get the final update right. At the end of each beta game, you will be able to give feedback about the beta. We'll also be super excited to see your thoughts right here on the forums!

There is not currently an end date for the beta so just go and have fun. Thank you for listening in, hope to see you there! :cool:


At CubeCraft we've only ever had the highest quality Emeralds, but we've now brought emeralds to every single map and there's an entirely new set of items which are only purchasable with Emeralds.

Eggcellent Emeralds:
  • Emerald generators automagically upgrade every 10 minutes, maxing out at level 3
  • Stay close, emeralds generate faster with players nearby!
  • The will always be at least 1 emerald generator. Larger maps map contain 2 or 3.
  • We've added Emeralds to counter camping and to progress gameplay.
  • A new shopkeeper can be found somewhere on the centre island. They are specialists and have exclusive items you can't buy on your island shop! Check them out once you've stocked up on the green gold!
  • We've removed map specific items, for now, to make gameplay more consistent!
Emerald Exclusives:
Check out some the items you can only get at the emerald shop!
  • 30 Block Bridge Builder - Creates a stained clay block bridge up to 30 blocks. (See below for visual)
  • Drinkable Speed Potion - Gives you.... speed.... for 30 seconds. Wow, such creativity.
  • Eggmite - Summons 5 Endermites where the egg lands for 60 seconds.
  • Leap Feather - Catapults you forward upon click.
  • Blastball - Conjure a fireball to cause damage and knockback to players.


Minecraft has a lot of blocks, yeah? Sometimes it's nice not have to actually place them...
We've used auto-constructing structures in previous games and have also been using it on SkyWars Chaos on Bedrock.

Anyhow, structures are brand new to EggWars Beta! We are excited to see how games will play out with these new auto-generators structures and what kind of cool strategic plays you may make with them!

Check them out in action:
10 Block Bridge
Part the sea of air, by building a bridge.
View attachment 165010


Nerdpole: Ultimate Edition.
View attachment 165012


Don't spend all game staring at them
View attachment 165013


Shields but bigger and a wall
View attachment 165015


It's like a penthouse suite in there!
View attachment 165014

Emerald Eggsclusive:
30 Block Bridge
It's like the 10 block bridge but with 30 blocks instead. Supersize me.
View attachment 165011

Shop Revamp

We've taken our shop system from Skyblock and brought it over to EggWars!
This means buying items is faster and simpler than ever! You can quickly buy items in multiple.
This also saves space in the shop & adds future support for more items! Here are a few examples.

Left Click Amount: 1x the default item amount.
Right Click Amount: 8x the default item amount. (Obsidian right-click is only 5 blocks, though)
Shift Click Amount: The max amount you can afford. (1 by default)

View attachment 165019
Example 1 - Can afford all clicks. (Stackable item)

View attachment 165020
Example 2 - Can only afford left click or can buy max amount with current iron. (Stackable item)

View attachment 165022
Example 3 - Can afford the only click option. (Non-stackable item)

View attachment 165021
Example 4 - Cannot afford the only click option. (Non-stackable item)

New Map

We have also released a new map that is exclusive to this beta mode... for now!

View attachment 165135

That's a lot of pink... Credit to @_The13thDoctor_ @Nutuu

More Cool Stuff

Theft Ability
The theft ability gives you a chance to be able to steal 20% of a player's currency tokens upon kill. The higher level you have on the theft ability, the high chance you have.

End of Game Statistics
Finally! EggWars now has statistics at the end of the game or whenever you die.
View attachment 165024

There's a bunch of other features but I ran out of space writing this post... here's a list of some other things we've done:
  • Bucket of milk has been added to the shop.​
  • Golden carrot have been added to the shop.​
  • Oak plank have been added to the shop.​
  • Ladder have been added to the shop.​
  • The buffer kit is now an instant health potion instead of regeneration potion.​
  • Players are healed before the game starts for full statuartion. (Bug fix)​
  • Players can now place TNT on eggs and it will auto ignite. (Bug fix)​
  • Maybe the biggest change of them all - we have a new checkmark! (✔)

Thanks for reading! Please note that all features & content inside EggWars Beta is subject to change at any point in time. As this gamemode is in Beta, some bugs may exist, if you discover one, please report it at bugs.cubecraft.net. Have fun playing & remember to give us feedback! - Stay safe :D
i dont like it sorry, i think its a but to mutch


Jul 2, 2020
Here are reason that the new mode sucks!
24 hours ago it was perfect, regular ol eggwars, you know there was a reason why no one played the BETA emeralds!!!!!!!
-auto bridge
-auto stairs
-auto ladders
-auto walls
where is the strategy in any of that?? why so much AUTO?

you just had to completely erase classic egg wars and convert it into the crappy beta version, you admins really did a nice job of making the community mad.
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