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Oct 26, 2016

It’s almost 2021 and I realised I’ve never made an introduction or even a thread before. I wanted to change that before the end of the year, because it has been an amazing year! :D

Who am I?
I’m Nancy, also known as Easteyy or EasyEast. I’m currently 16 years old and live in the Netherlands near Rotterdam, I live there with both my parents and my 21 year old sister. I’m currently in the 5th/final grade of high school. In my free time I like to play sports, games, listening to music or watch Netflix/YouTube. My favorite color is red and I support Feyenoord and Manchester City. I own a PlayStation 4 and my favorite game is Uncharted 4.

When did I join Cubecraft?
The first time I played on Cubecraft was at the end of 2014. My best friend introduced me to the server and the first minigame I ever played was Skywars. I joined the forums 4 years ago, on the 26th of October in 2016, to report a cheater. Back in 2014-2018 I only played Cubecraft with irl friends. I became active in the Cubecraft Discord and I started using the forums at the end of 2019.

Why East?
I always liked the idea of having matching names, in 2015/2016 my IGN matched with my best friend’s IGN multiple times.
I used to say ‘Easy’ after winning a game of eggwars with friends, but I misspelled it multiple times and said ‘East’ instead of ‘Easy’. They reacted with ‘why East and not West or North?’, that’s when we decided to change our names to EasyNorth, EasyEast, EasySouth and EasyWest. After a few months we lost contact with EasySouth and she changed her name. I wanted to keep a name that was similar to EasyEast.

I’ve met a lot of new amazing people on Cubecraft this year, I couldn’t mention everyone so a special thanks to:

@SnowyGoefy❄️ @EasyNorth I’ve met you both at the end of 2019, and we started the ‘EasyGang’ together (with EasySouth who’s currently verhinderd) at the start of this year. You were the first two people I became friends with and I’m glad we never lost contact with each other. <3

@Calichin I met you not long before we became helpers together, I’m glad I got to share that amazing experience with you. I love your humor and playing with you. Thanks for being there <3 (you’re still a bad friend ;) )

@Fesa You’re an amazing friend, I love playing games with you. I can always talk and laugh with you and I really appreciate that. I’m really happy we got to join the staff team together and I could share that experience with you <3

@Ducky Even though I joke around sometimes, you were a really good mentor, you’ve really helped me a lot. I’m glad we became friends, because you’re an amazing and caring person. Thanks for everything <3

@xlqura I really love talking and playing with you, I like how we both always stay up until atleast 7AM without sleeping. I can always talk with you about anything for hours straight, thanks for being an amazing friend <3

@WinterWarz You’ve really taught and helped me a lot when I joined the staff team. I can really laugh with you but also talk to you about more serious things. I’m glad we became friends, thanks for everything <3

@AlexpYT192 I like playing and talking with you, you’re an amazing friend. I love watching your vids, thanks for teaching me Spanish <3

@Anneum @Dutchyyy @HackersDontWin @Wauterrr @Headqche @Stitchieee @Lime @Darkninja27 @xTypical @Megaaa @telegamer I love the friendship we all have together, I enjoy playing games with all of you and I love the humor we share. Thanks to all of you <3

@Smoothlyy @SoundToTheThirdPower @Jukaido I love the friendship I have with all of you and our groupchat. I can really laugh with all of you, and also talk about more serious things if needed. Thanks for being there <3.
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Nov 1, 2019
Epic to get to know you more :)
I don't know how you can stay up till 7 am in the morning without sleeping so many times lol
@Wauterrr and I pulled 1 all-nighter and we straight up turned into zombies 😭
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May 27, 2016
wat een leuke introductie! jij bent ook een geweldige vriendin <3! en hoe voelt het trouwens om een goed slaapritme te hebben ondertussen? ):
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Oct 26, 2016
What a history with those names, it is nice to hear how that went. Too bad you lost contact with South. I'd love to play a game with you if you like. :)
Sure, feel free to dm me whenever you want to play! :)
Whoeeehoeee babeee♥️
Good introduction!!!

Lang leven onze goede slaapritmes en ik verwacht nog eens een keer pizza :)
Pizza date when?
Great introduction EasyEast! I hope our contact will not be verhinderd in the future!

Really good first picture of the EasyGang
View attachment 183575
I like this one more :)

wat een leuke introductie! jij bent ook een geweldige vriendin <3! en hoe voelt het trouwens om een goed slaapritme te hebben ondertussen? ):
Echt goed, is veel beter zo ookal mis ik mijn oude slaapritme wel :(
When you're not one of easteyys friends :sadcat:

Amazing introduction, but feyenoord?!?!? 🤮
You’re not one of my friends, you’re one of my simps, jk <3. Ngl you deserved to be on there aswell with our late nights when we were helpers 👀. Also Feyenoord is the best wdym.
Who are you?
idk, who r u?
Nice introduction! But do me a favor, support Liverpool. 🔴🔴
never :)
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Jul 14, 2015
Gus’ Hideout
Omg, I love uncharted 4 as well, 10/10 would recommend it!

Also, I wanted to say something that we both say a lot but I don't think I'm allowed to say that here. (I think you can guess what I mean lol)

love the intro hehe
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