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Dueling Arena?

Should a dueling arena be added to the game, as described in the thread?

  • Yes, on a separate minigame

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  • Yes, on assassins, but you can't stake items

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  • No

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  • ----Should an end chest be put in to kitpv?---- (Don't vote this option)

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  • No, don't add an end chest

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May 1, 2014
Ishtar Terra
So i got this idea from talking to someone on the forums and an MMORPG that i am kinda addicted to (not going to mention the name, in case it is bannable to adv another game) but on this game, you collect wealth by killing monsters and other players, as well as training various different skills. One of the best ways to get more money on there is "the dueling arena". It is a way of challenging someone to a fight, whilst staking items and the winner of the fight gets all the staked items. It's kinda like gambling, only it is skill based rather than luck. Perhaps this could be added to kitpvp, assassins (assassins would be perfect for a duel arena, due to the difficulty of getting money) or even an entirely new minigame!

P.S. please add an end chest to the safezones of assassin, i have worked very hard for my 46 coins and i don't want to lose them =p
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